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  1. just go to the 07 site (oldschool.runescape.com) and you will see a link to the highscores there.
  2. my plan: do tutorial island quit 07 scape an go back to '13 scape while watching yt vids of 07scape
  3. S U O M I is only 1xp away now, can't wait
  4. No, alkans 2nd account is "Alkandaboss" without any spaces.
  5. I have been following this threat for a while now, and thought I post something. First nice drops and progress and GL with the elite Also I started my new diy account yesterdat, hope I still play and the end of the year (I have quit on quite some accounts in the past) And a question, do you know any maxed diyer? I know Itam was quite close but too bad he quitted :( he will forever be my rs'er #2 (with Zezima being #1 ofc)
  6. I am really looking forward to the tasks, and that is the only update i will be able to "do" this monty And I would love to see the task armour get a update in stats, so it might be more usefull in cb situations As for the other updates: Kk might be cool, but i have to get stronger flash mobs, we shall see what we get, Hati, more bonus xp. I might not do this,I enjoy this game cuz of the progress of getting better and not by being good so why bother speeding up the training process? Sof, Idc, just alot of junk imo. Sgs, ^^
  7. I guess he's doing magic with all xp gains going to defence
  8. I think until the 31st. as it is the end of year sale.
  9. ty jagex. i can buy both bank boosters and the gnometeleport now :)
  10. I just hope that the new skills won't be afk. As what is fun in 'playing' an afk game.
  11. zezima #1 4ever, still wonder why he does not have a statue yet. Question; Is there any skill in which getting 0xp - 200m xp is faster than the 5k cw games comp cape (t) req.?
  12. sat on every chair you can sit on teleported with each possible teleport collect max stack FoG tokens own everything of the loyalty shop own every single full grown pet fill every farm patch obtain every possible clue item, item from nests, item from thiefable npcs, item from caskets pick up every item that spawns talk to every npc craft every smith, craft, mix, fletch, cook, runecaft item (and all other make skills) I am out for now also, you cant complete everything with both character as I think recruitment drive is impossible for male characters.
  13. congrats on all skills in level 70, also GL with the other two pairs of boots
  14. Finally, I was really hoping EoC would be in 2012
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