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  1. All of these willows chopped. Only 1/5th the way there.
  2. http://www.forbes.co...-and-smart-tvs/ Wut? 2014?
  3. *Wonders what that big update is* Anyways, Casabelle and Justfor99 both went to dark side :(
  4. A second question, how do I have my importxml auto-refresh update like every minute instead of every hourish(i think)
  5. It is back and working now. Great to know I can count on google docs >.<
  6. I have been working on a google docs and it is using the formula importxml. The importxml use to work and now its seems to always give me either loading... or #N/A. I am looking for help on fixing this problem. If you have either a fix in either formula based or google apps script(prefered) then you would be a life saver :) =ImportXML("http://services.runescape.com/m=clan-hiscores/members.ws?clanId=31085&pageSize=15&ranking=51","//span['name']") Above, I provide the exact formula. Thanks
  7. That statement techincally means that p2p trial and to use it to gain member stats is alright, as technically you never paid a cent to Jagex. A better statement I feel that represents one who could make it on this list, one who has never logged in a p2p world and never obtain membership, and only obtained membership due to trial but never used it in anyway for membership benefits. Which means this statement says that getting the level 5 stats is okay.
  8. What about taverley dungeon? Black Dragons. Dragon Bones. Yes? No? Probably make the dungeon p2p.
  9. Honestly I can't think of one. I bet what Suomi is achieving will be the biggest accomplishment in terms of pure dedication and time in any game respectively. Its hard to compare another game with runescape, but one of the oldest and first game created may have a person who has an accomplishment equal to Suomi or better :P. We all heard about Pacman, and find it a fun amusing arcade game, but many of may not have realized that the first person to accomplish a "perfect game" in Pacman was Billy Mitchell who obtained it in 1999, while Pacman was released in 1980. (19 year gap). As of now I believe six people have accomplished this "perfect game" But the point is that a "perfect game" in Pacman is extremely hard to obtain, and must take thousands and thousands of hours of practice almost to the point where it could have taken more hours than Suomi. It took Billy Mitchell 6 hours to complete that "perfect game" in which he had to do the following: Never die once. Not once – the entire game must be beaten on the first man. Eat every dot. Eat every energizer. Eat every blue ghost. (Must do 4 times each energizer, for a total of 16 each level) Eat every piece of fruit. Make it to the 256th level. For those of you who have played pacman before, you probably understand and realize how hard it is to do things like eat every ghost in the first level, nonetheless imagine the last level.
  10. O lol, I meant gravite shortbow not g2h >.< and I have 80 range. (Levels are almost meaninglesss compared to armor/weapons now)
  11. Just did some range testing. @ Lessers: Gravite Shortbow + Momenteum + Food = 35k/hour Gravite Shortbow + Abilities + Rejuvernate = 47k/hour Note: There are tests done by a noob so expect higher :P
  12. With the recent changes to eoc gear/monster, I have heard that exp rates for f2p has been altered to amounts around 30k/hour. Can anyone give me what they found as the current best melee exp/rate now for f2p is?
  13. Jagex just banned 99 200m hunts bots. How long did this take Jagex? Suomi is now back to under 100 rank for all skills(and on target for thieving as well).
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