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  1. Granted, you'll always dream now about people dreaming about Pokemon. Or playing Pokemon games. Or dreaming about playing Pokemon games. Or dreaming about watching Pokemon shows where Pokemon games about people dreaming about Pokemon shows are shown. I wish my girlfriend wouldn't [bleep] about everything I do ._.
  2. Granted, you can call your imaginary friend any time you want with your mind. This is why you live in a psychiatric hospital. I wish I could solve equations and complex problems like a computer, and get my engineering degree with no effort at all.
  3. Granted, it will happen, but just a yoctosecond before universe itself rips apart and disappears forever. I wish I could turn my cat into a Rayquaza.
  4. Definately not >.< TPUM has played Counter Strike at least once.
  5. 29688 Yea, you definately have to ;)
  6. 29690 Cmon, just another 29.6k posts to reach 0! Piece of cake isn't it?
  7. Banned because Muhuhumbuhu owns Cthulhu and his owner.
  8. Banned because I'm Muhuhumbuhu. (and Muhuhumbuhu bans people)
  9. Banned for making a typing mistake in you post, confirming that the dictionarist skill does exist and that I only wield that power (proof is that you made a mistake).
  10. Banned for contesting my dictionarist authority, again.
  11. Puccioso

    25th hour

    I had to write about this, I just watched it and it's something incredible, it really touched me. Edward Norton's acting was great, and the whole plot was REALLY intense, it got me the whole time, and will probably torment me for a while. The trailer doesn't make it justice (to me at least), as it's a very deep and dramatic movie that deserves a lot, quite a unique story. Have you watched it? If you haven't, you really have to watch it, and if you did, what are your impressions?
  12. Banned because I like to stare at the clouds and ban random people.
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