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  1. Glad I already got 99 so it doesnt matter :mad:
  2. Great read, I just had a question regarding Jagex's statement of knowing who is buying gold and actually being able to see it via the trades. IF Jagex can actually do this and IF jagex starts banning who they believe are RWT won't players just say F it i'll pay a little more for a bond and not get banned. Won't the extra income from these bonds circumvent any money lost ffrom bannings?
  3. Sara altar in falador castle Chaos altar in varrock Guthix altar south of burthorpe lode stone
  4. It's just getting old, just update it already Jagex :mad:
  5. I found that rellekka worked quite well. There are 4-5 chickens and the first one respawned by the time I was finished with the last.
  6. Yea not a huge fan of co-op but we just used the canifis guy and got wall beasts. Was done in about 5 minutes
  7. Yea I was talking to a good friend of mine and she asked me if I lived in London if i would actually go and I said only to people watch. I have no interest in the panels or dressing up, we concluded we could just go to Brighton and people watch and probably have more fun and for a lot cheaper lol
  8. Don't think i'll make it, unless they want to fly me from Seattle
  9. FYI Sara brew caused this NOT to work for me lobster rocktail swordfish tuna bass monkfish shark fish pie wild pie summer pie garden pie anchovie shrimp watermelon papaya fruit tomato cake chocolate cake pizza anchovie pizza chili potato apple pie admiral pie cooked meat cooked chicken idk a couple more i cant remember
  10. Just got it in about 30 seconds on 122 while world 2 is a complete cluster f lol
  11. anyone know if you can join a game currently in progress? or do you have to start from the beginning
  12. I just jumped the wall at GE ran to the gate on the north wall opened it and it said it was completed. Ran back to lvl 26 and tele'd to burthorpe, was surprised more 14 year olds weren't out there trying to show off how big their peeens are
  13. Ugh I was expecting being able to use lamps and pendants on Div today :(
  14. So this seems faster after the update...anyone else notice?
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