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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGfTLb6RFk0
  2. It has always been hilarious to me that Alkan aka Number1 Boss has maxed his second account in less time then the 5k cw games takes, and he had not even specifically set out to do it as fast as possible. If done even more "efficiently", you could possibly get a second 2496 account in the time 5k cw games takes. While I understand why some of these banned players botted cw, I still blame them, not jagex. Yes, imo the 5k cw games req is beyond ridiculous, but that does not mean botting it is the answer. But hopefully this will open Jagex eyes to how stupid that req is.
  3. these bans had nothing to do with botwatch. These players were posted on hlf and reported multiple times over months and months. And these are not even all of them. One player outright stated he botted 2496 and was going to bot 200m wc at ivy on hlf, and I don't think hes been banned with this group.
  4. pernix- 123m torva-222m virtus-102m ge has always been horrendously flawed at giving correct prices.
  5. and how about those rc highscores? take a look at page 4 onwards. Nature bots with 125m+ xp. There are also 200m xp mining bots... smithing bots at 50m smith xp from cannonballs. whats that like 10k/hour for a bot?... Pathetic
  6. agreed lol, since the fishs are stackable i thiink most top player will use it What you think the top players would do and what they actually do can be different. Just because it is the best method, does not mean you should assume it is the most common used. I can't quite speak for fishing, but take smithing for example. You may think that mine+super heat at lrc is a no brainer, yet other than suomi I don't believe any front page player has actively done it at lrc. Just about anyone with decent smith xp on front page has done artisans/addy/rune. I also have seen vids/posts else where showing flyfishing and barbian to be close to 100k/hour fishing, and much more afk then c2. There is also fish flingers to consider. And if looking at the fastest fishing method, isn't fish flingers actually the best xp in game? c2 is also very hard to get an average xp/hour on. Does the player wc and fish? does he/she burn the logs? (something like 700k/hour fm xp) does he/she pay someone to clear gds? edit- thought I'd add, possibly the best wc/fish method would be to leech 200m dg and fish+wc during floors. Don't see many people doing this though.
  7. ahh yea, my bad I totally forgot that jagex is prone to releaseing bug filled updates. Disregard my posts, so sorry.
  8. Let me point out the multiple times Jagex satated "we will not release eoc until it is fully ready" Stop making excuses for them. Eoc was not ready for launch, period.
  9. Bugs are to be expected with such huge changes. Give it a week. Also enter to talk makes a lot of sense considering you can now bind letters into abilities. If you hide action bars, you can type without pressing enter. Give it a week? A week will do what when they had 6 months already? and I dont care how much sense it makes, enter to talk is still annoying as [bleep].
  10. Been on for 6 minutes, found 5 bugs. Nice jagex. also enter to talk is [bleep]ing bull shit.
  11. Was posted recently that ovl was getting a boost in eoc. Anything yet on what ovl will now be like?
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