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  1. RIP Tutorial Island - you shall always remain in our hearts. *2 minutes silence* I did however absolutely love those two new quests, particularly the second one - I'm never going to be able to teleport again without thinking about them.
  2. I don't mind the squeal of fortune to be honest - and whether or not it is considered Real World Trading or not matters very little. There are reasons Real-World Trading is banned among players, and it isn't just in the fairness of the game. Every single thing in the game; every character, every item, every coin, is owned by Jagex - your character and your items are legally the property of Jagex. As such, you can not sell those items/coins/characters as you can not legally sell another legal entity's property without their permission. Jagex however can sell their own property - so they are 100% allowed to sell wheel spins - just be grateful they aren't literally selling gold and items directly like a lot of other MMORPG companies do.... - Just remember, change is required in order to progress and thrive in an ever-changing industry. If Runescape hadn't had these changes, the game would have died many years a go, and god knows what you would be doing now. Just because you are feeling Nostalgic over a dated time, and this nostalgia has caused you to be blind to all the excellent changes that have happened within the game since the initial release, doesn't mean Runescape is now ruined. In my opinion Runescape is now a lot better, and although some changes I don't agree with - I, like all other players who know that change is required, will get used to these changes, embrace the better aspects of these changes, and get on with my gameplay. If you do not like change, then you've been playing the wrong type of game to begin with.
  3. While I cannot find the reference: both Void Armour and Barrows Armour retain their set bonuses - they only trigger on auto-attacks however and not when abilities are used.
  4. While it is possible to build a laptop (obviously every laptop has to be built) - it is quite difficult in comparison to a desktop computer and isn't really worth your time. Nearly all parts for a laptop are custom-made by the manufacturer, to ensure they all fit together in the small compact case. It is possible to order and build from a single manufacturer, but it is likely cheaper and more efficient to just buy a manufactured laptop from them in the first place. There are also many companies which provide the option to pick the parts you want in your laptop, and then they will build it - this is usually inexpensive and a quick Google search will get you a few options. My advice (not being an elitist, just my advice) is to custom-build a desktop PC, not only do you get a lot more "bang for your buck" by being able to order cheaper parts of the same value and custom build it, there are more customization options available for you out there. :)
  5. I'd say I'm mostly a quester - I have no real interest in Skilling, only PvM and Questing... I actually hate skilling in order to get quest reqs :D
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