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  1. I am a person who cares about experience, and would set the goal for a 120 cape. That doesn't mean I don't want them to make meaningful content though...you act as if they are opposites of each. So I shouldn't train any of the skills if I think they should be updated? Then I would be sitting around playing like a quarter of the skills in the game.
  2. If you are replying to my post: Drumgun is level 111 Smithing, so 9 short off of all 120. Alkan is level 119 Hunter and 115 Divination, so 1 Hunter/5 Divination short meaning 6 off of all 120. However since Drumgun has all the bonus smith xp he needs, and smithing is a lot faster than divination, I am sure he will get it first.
  3. Alkan would have higher total if they went to 120, Drumgun would have higher if they went to 126 (max level with 200M xp cap).
  4. With the upcoming 30% bonus during part of May to the voyage rewards, am I reasonable to think this will stack with FOTS and TCM? I have been behind on Ports, but I am nearing in on my trio mission storylines. Because if I couldd get 87 plates and lacquer from one mission...well I would be one happy fella.
  5. The thing for me is I am not even sure how I feel myself. I definitely think there is a great value to the game; it is a place to relax, relief stress, make friends and have fun. However there is a line for me, a point where the game goes from good to bad. I think that line is different for every person though, which is where the debate becomes heated (though I'm glad to say it has been wonderfully handled so far). In my own life, I find that I enjoy the time I spend playing, but I regret not being more productive after. Also, the game is very addicting so that can be dangerous too. I think I can handle it pretty well now, but there points in the past few years where I have pushed other things that I consider priorites aside for the game.
  6. What if the time enjoyed now, leads to times that are not so enjoyable in the future? I don't think it is all so simple as you have put it.
  7. This bank update has definitely increased the XP/hr of bank skills, no need to withdraw/deposit or even exit the bank anymore, all you have to do is press the preset1/2. How much does this change things, especially times where you are withdrawing many different things (e.g. overloads)? I think a lot.
  8. http://forum.tip.it/topic/324210-runescape-a-waste-of-time/ Feel free to go into this in more detail on the topic I made since, though I agree this is related to this thread since it involves high-level players, the topic is much too broad to fit into the scope of this thread.
  9. I am making this thread, as a split of from the 200M all skills thread. Do you think playing Runescape is a waste of time? Why/why not? Is there different limits for everybody? Discussions like this are sure to get fairly intense, but please try to be curtious or this topic will have to close. Do your best not to personally attack anybody, and if somebody does attack you, please just ignore the statement (I know its hard not to get the last word, but that just starts a crapfest) and report it.
  10. Inb4 Runescape conversion to Mechscape.
  11. I have a question, which might seem obvious but isn't to me, why would Sliske bringing Zaros back help himself? Wouldn't Zaros be angry with him for the steps he has taken, or does Sliske believe he is sly enough to fool Zaros? If that is the case, do you think he is right? It seems like having the most powerful active God (Seren isn't around, and they are the only active Tier 2 God's right?) back would just be another enemy for him, if he is trying to become more powerful. Unless he is thinking that Zaros would help him achieve godhood, but I wouldn't think he would...
  12. Oh man, never heard of this guy, but besides agility/divination he only has combat skills (including slayer) and buyables left...all of which are extremely fast xp. With agility now 0 hours, he could be a threat to other top players. Though you said he has burned out, so thats too bad.
  13. Gratz Jdela on 200M Mining!
  14. And Roger Al? Thanks, by the way. Getting 200m Agility now takes 0 hours for everyone. Roger Al currently needs 4230 hours to achieve 5.2b Overall XP. Drumgun currently needs 1422 hours to achieve 5.2b Overall XP.
  15. Does anyone know if My Kingz is gathering bonus xp? His gains are much slower than usual. Or he could just be taking a short break, hard to tell these days.
  16. I was not aware the boots were still around, I had heard only the feathers were, nevermind. I am not disagreeing you need money to be one of the top players, but I would say it is not that much more so than it ever was. You said in your first post "Being among the top in RS is no longer just about how many hours a day you can play. Either be a brilliant merchant or acquire dem bilz through Jagex endorsed RWT if you want to be the best. Good luck to the future 200m all contenders." It has always been about playing a lot as well as having the money. 1. Well I would disagree with you here, it is about the percent increase to me. XP rates increase over time, that is how the game works. People who train with methods now should be well aware there will come a time when those methods will be obsolete. However when I train, I would hope that the new method would not be so ridiculously overpowered that my work was completely wasted. I do agree either way that Jagex doesn't value the time that players spend on this game anymore, or certainly a lot less. 2. You are right with that (some of those I had forgot about), though I still think this is one of the worst. One of the biggest issues with this update was that it took the 2nd slowest skill in the game and changed it so it was in the middle of the pack. Prayer increase with frost bones was very significant, but it was already a ridiculously fast skill. Of course, the whole SOF deal only exponential makes the problem imo.
  17. Wow this a new debate, intricate lore details, very refreshing from the usual high-level player debates haha.
  18. Unless you are set training the skill by actually training the skill? Did you actually just say that? Yes, I think the point of the skill is to actually train it. And one of the reasons that this update in particular was such a big deal was that dramatic increase in xp, much more so than any other update before. Take Runespan for example, that was a huge update that majorly increased the xp rates for the entire skill, from like 60K at ZMI to 90K at Runespan. That was approximately a 150% increase to gains. Now for this update, the previous max was 140K xp, now up to 412K xp. That is nearly a 300% increase...that is unheard of. Worst yet, only the players who were active this weekend even had the chance to get it, which makes it really unfair to those who didn't have access and future players. Plus it came from Treasure Hunter, but that is another matter altogether, I am less concerned that it came from microtransactions than just the fact they brought an item like that in the game. In relation to other skills, I would argue that many skills are left untouched by the amount of gp in your pocket. Combat (aside from the price of armour/supplies, but having unlimited gp won't speed up training), runecrafting, hunter, thieving, divination (you can buy energy, but that has minimal benefits)...basically the only skills that shouldn't be affected by it that are, are the warband skills and now agility. And you didn't talk about this, but others in the topic talked about how the majority like this update, since it helped them train a skill they hate training. I don't know who is the majority and who isn't (I would suggest its a pretty big split), but I am pretty disappointed with that reasoning. I understand people who don't play for grinding/skilling, I have no quarrels with that. But why do you need to train agility then? Also I get that people who are skillers, but just hate one skill would be happy to not need to train it much. However there are many, many ways to get tons of xp so that you don't even need to train it. Plus loads of bonus xp so if you do train it, you barely spend any time. Resorting to these drastic measures seems crazy to me.
  19. Are the silverhawk boots and feathers in the agility section of Treasure Hunter? Meaning one could use Hearts of Ice to block off other skills to have a higher chance for them.
  20. The concept of the update itself isn't that terrible imo, it is just very over-powered and the fact that one of the slowest/most intensive skills in the game is now buyable/afk for very high gains. I would much more ok with this update if the feathers were non-tradeable. If that was the case, people would have to buy more spins from Jagex for more xp anyways, plus the skill would be less ruined. Seems like a win-win to me..
  21. Yeah I totally agree. I compare this update to make effigies tradeable, except the dragonkin lamps can only be used for agility.
  22. What's so wrong with that? The Sixth Age arguably has the most impactful and interesting storylines (Gods/Elder Gods, Artefacts, Mahjarrat, Dragonkin, etc.). Nothing else (for most people) even comes close. And they can't really finish any of these storylines anytime soon. There's still so much to do... At least the Return of Zaros series is ending soon. There is nothing wrong a Sixth Age quest per say, it just feels like that is all were are getting now. Jagex is making a show of lore recently, and just using the most popular storylines for all the quests. Which is understandable and I do love the God-related quests, but I love other ones too. I don't think they have enough variety with the quests they are doing, plus there are many old favourites that haven't been touched in awhile.
  23. Packages are typically used to describe things offered for RL cash. Contrast this to the only other system for reverting stats that we've seen described - prestige system - and you'll notice terms like "packages" are absent. There's helping them and then there's milking them for cash. Ohh, I did not get these packages would cost money. Nevermind, I agree with what everybody said.
  24. Who is gonna be first to 2x 200M all skills? :D
  25. The in-game lore is consistent, just not the different mods spouting out random hypotheses. While that's not great, it is good enough for me. For the serious lore hungry who prey on every little bit of information hinting at something new, I can understand why it would be frustrating to be mislead with wrong info.
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