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  1. This kid should go back to moderating runezone because he has no idea what he is doing. I'd wait for a legit jmod confirmation before doing anything stupid. Mod Balance was representing the player support team here: "My post was posted with the approval of the Player Support team." "My comments were a post on behalf of the Player Support team, I didn't make up the changes. I just took the player questions to them, and posted their response. The statements posted are there to "fill the gap" between now and when the rules are next updated."
  2. I haven't built a menagerie myself but I think this video is appropriate for this thread. Best menagerie ever!
  3. "It's not definite. He has allocated one of his entourage to the Elder Gods after all."
  4. Not just for streaming: "Next few days are gonna be busy. Got some awesome players here to help us with designing legacy combat/PvP improvements/other stuff." "They'll be in the studio for 2 days. We've got a mixed bag of EOC/old school players to try to get balanced views on legacy."
  5. Not entirely unexpected :D Quote from an e-mail by MMG to a SoF dissident, sent on April 19th 2013, published on May 11th 2013: http://wizzley.com/no-mmo-is-an-island/ - bottom of the article On August 21th 2013 this rebranding was hinted at during an AMA with an ex-Jmod on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1ksz7n/i_amwas_a_jagex_moderator_jmod_runescape_ask_me/cbsagqt On a brighter note, the /r/runescape moderator who visited the Jagex HQ last week is now running a competition about the fate of Yelps :P
  6. Alternatively you can pick it up and feed it to your troll :D
  7. The festive mistletoe is a shield slot item.
  8. At this point it's safe to say this is becoming a problem... but what exactly are we looking at here? Jagex's (new) community engagement staff is talking about stuff they don't know enough about. Namely, Mod Infinity and Mod Balance, whose backgrounds were mentioned by Serfal earlier in this thread. With that said, I think they have decent intentions, it's just a terrible way of doing things... Post 1 - November 19th, 3 PM - Mod Balance Post 2 - November 19th, 4 PM - Mod Infinity Post 3 - November 26th, 5 PM - Mod Infinity It's not only a bad case of miscommunication, this is a pretty touchy subject, and one that's been discussed for years. At the very least, we know these two mods are not entirely making stuff up. Mod Infinity is "quoting" a certain anti-cheating specialist in post 2... so what do they have to say? Mouse keys are safe to use, the problem lies with stuff like AutoHotKey (1, 2), which was what Infinity was trying to say in his first post, it just came out mangled. This proves the words of the anti-cheating team are being taken out of context, and we should try our best to disregard these kinds of posts until someone who knows what they're talking about makes an official statement.
  9. I'm really confused about the duration of this event. According to the wiki Lumbridge will be rebuilt in 160 steps, and we've only collected rubble today. Does that mean the event will last for 160 days? :s
  10. The incentive to train after 99 is xp after 99. The update wouldn't change the incentive, it just adds an optional limitation. Any XP you gain in prestige mode goes toward your lifetime XP (the "old" high scores). This should be a welcome addition for anyone who's not racing to 200M all. Isn't most new content in this game optional and "inefficient"? Any player that's purely focused on efficiency can just avoid prestiging and continue training at level 99, anyone else can prestige to keep things 'fresh'.
  11. What's the problem? The old high score table will still be relevant, and prestiging is a great incentive to keep training after 99... :s
  12. You're in luck! You get a gold crown in a mere 7 years of loyalty!
  13. The super september promotion includes double XP for normal daily challenges :)
  14. http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/My_account_is_banned "If your account is currently permanently banned, we deem the offence serious enough to permanently remove the account from our game. At the moment, we are not reviewing these bans and if this changes, you will be notified."
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