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  1. This is true of course, but to the extent that RS has experienced it to be. The reason that Nex items are crashing and the reason that it has been saturated is because Jagex handed out millions and millions of free experience in extremely important skills such as Prayer, Herblore and Summoning during their bonus weekend/promotional events which absolutely flooded boss hunting overnight. You had thousands of players who got important levels like 96 Herblore who would not have otherwise been able to do so, because of Jagex's short-sightedness. It used to be the case that at God Wars OVLs provided you with a perk; if you had them you would get preferential treatment in joining teams, and bosses were quite challenging to fight. Suddenly, because of the influx of this artificial supply of boss hunters, it became a *requirement* to have OVLs/prayer/Yaks. Suddenly bosses that were meant to be done in teams were soloed and rare drops were getting dumped into the game, driving their price. With EoC, Jagex made all these bosses even easier, and that's where we are at now. So, is it true that economies usually face the phenomenon you're describing? Yes. But in the case of RS, it has been tremendously exacerbated by ill-advised moves on Jagex's part. Halving the requirements for Prayer, Herblore, and Summoning(for a week) still left getting them to the real high levels, like 95 & 99 for summoning, out of reach for the general player base. I agree it did help a lot of people get to those levels where as previously they wouldn't have been able to get there quite as fast. But they would've been able to get there. Especially with EoC. And frankly me on this character with a fresh 95 prayer, I am a testament to the fact that you can easily get the money for 95 prayer. And not a single xp of this, came from a 2x event. As I was dirt poor at the time of that event on this account. The "influx" of boss hunters, from where i'm sitting, is primarily due to Barrows & QBD being so much easier now than they were before. You can do barrows and make 1m/h, easily mind you, and then spend that money to get 85 herblore. Which opens up a 3-4m/h money making method. This, is honestly what created the large influx of players capable of boss hunting. Yes, GWD has as well, gotten easier. Part of this is a symptom of the player base getting stronger, the other part is what was frankly an unbalanced release of the EoC that didn't take PvM balance seriously and left everything far to easy initially. In which changing it now, would likely peeve off the general populace. Just like the changes that made enemies stronger, like mithril dragons for instance. Granted, those had issues on release. But to point something out, the bosses don't seem any more hunted than they were previously. Yes there are far more soloers, but I challenge you to go back to pre-eoc(yeah not possible), and honestly find an empty room during peek times.(excluding nex who, admittedly is hunted far more now than she was back then) There are more hunters, but not exactly enough for them all to hunt, to increase the flow of items. No, the real decision that seems like a bad move for Jagex, the move that seems like it will kill GWD armors off permanently, is the idea of a private GWD.... I was honestly hoping this was an april fools day joke. It sounds like an amazing idea on paper, but if these bosses drop the same loot as those in the GWD, just good fight Bandos & barrows sets. As GWD sets will plummet with it being able to be hunted like KK.
  2. Bingo. :P. Once they go public, Skype usually takes them down relatively quickly which is most likely the only reason they're becoming less and less. Lately, instead of people selling the resolver as a service (for like $4 a month), I've seen them actually selling the resources for the user to create their own with a free host. I think it's the way you're wording it that makes me disagree. They're not just "taking them down". They're patching the exploit. When I think of "taking them down" I think of them doing what Jagex or Blizzard does to private servers, and taking their website + server over/off the net. The resolvers, however, are still on the net, they just don't work as the API needs to be updated due to skype patches. Some of it's dealing with skype patching the exploit directly, others are dealing with skype doing a routine update that involves values the resolver might use. So to this end, skype is fixing. It's simply that the over all exploit is virtually unpatchable. Give it enough time, and enough popularity, and other video chat tools like skype that have a client, will likely be exploited in exactly the same way.
  3. Frankly, from what I can tell there's not a working skype resolver at the moment. At least not a public one. Beyond that is the fact that patching things like this isn't easy. I know for a fact that skype has tried many many times, and the API is simply remade to bypass their changes. Beyond that, multiple people outside of skype, that frankly are better than the guys in skype, have tried and failed. Your best bet to avoid skype resolvers(without having to resort to spoofing), is to run your skype under a proxy. It should also be noted that your skype IP that gets resolved is updated every 24 hours. So you only need to run it under a proxy at the beginning of the day, and at the end of the day. The rest of the time, your IP should be that of the proxy, without you having to have ran the proxy. Which is easy and the only thing that has to be under the proxy is skype. Nothing else. That said, DDoS isn't a myth. However, some times networks and computers lag at extremely unfortunate times, and those lags are sometimes blamed to be a DDoS when it's just an unfortunate incident.
  4. That's an issue that all economies deal with. As supply increases, unless demand increases with it the price will drop. This is only natural. For such expensive sets that the average populace can't afford, the demand is artificially low. Meanwhile the supply is higher than this low demand, and is only increasing as time goes by. Eventually it will get low enough to the point the next tier of players can afford it, and it will increase again by a marginal amount, and repeat the cycle. Slowly becoming less and less valuable over time. This is the path for all items that aren't simply used up like herbs.
  5. According to the magic of the internet the earliest known occurrence of the "definition of insanity" quote is from a novel known as Sudden Death, by Rita Mae Brown. Seeing as Einstein died in 1955, it probably didn't come from him. Besides, doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results is a part of the scientific method. It's how you tell if a hypothesis is faulty or not. If the same thing happens repeatedly, the hypothesis works out. If it doesn't, the hypothesis doesn't work out. Beyond that, if you constantly play tennis, you expect different results from the next match in comparison to the last one. As you have more experience than you did previously. This definition of "insanity" at best works out in some very limited contexts, at worst it doesn't work out at all.
  6. Zamorak has an army of vampires and demons... So killing you and Saradomin's followers isn't exactly the hardest thing. There's a reason why Morytania was never invaded, and it's not simply "the guthixian edicts". It's because doing so would create a god war in a heart beat. A war that Saradomin and his followers aren't likely to win. Seeing as the only weapon that can really kill vampires, is in Drakan's castle, that isn't an easy war to fight. To top that off, Zamoraks army has access to the ancient curses(he took Zaros' power), and can drain prayer. What chance does Saradomin's ill trained mostly human pacifist army stand really?
  7. QBD's regular chests are worth ~250 k and considering you can kill 1 in 5 minutes (and that isn't even considered fast, with drygores you can do it in 2-3 min per kill) it averages out to be about 3 mil an hour not including any rare drops that are worth 500 k (all the royal crossbow pieces). 3-4 mil is still a good estimate. For armadyl (and I only tell you this if you promise not to try to crash me 8-) ) all you do is turn on anguish (or whatever the range curse is) and soul split, spam abilities giving preferential treatment to 1. Thresholds (I do snapshot and rapid fire back to back in that order so that they come up again right next to each other) 2. AoE or chain abilities 3. Building adrenaline with basics. I did it in Karils, Barrows Gloves, archers ring, sara ammy, skill cape (t), and boots of subjugation and didn't need food at all at my stats. ofc bring a couple pieces for emergencies and go from there. I bring 1 rocktail, 3 overload flasks, 3 renewal flasks, and 10 prayer potion + nips and bonecrusher cuz I hate clutter. Get a royal crossbow at the least, its only a 2 mil investment and it's arguably the best option for ranging in the game. Sorry, but i've seen a lot of chests only worth 100k. And to showcase how much the price of QBD related items have fallen, RCB only costs ~718536 GP, if you buy it at mid atm. The 3-4mil/hr estimate, i'm certain, just like the 5m/hr estimate 3man KK, included rare drops. And with those devaluing, the estimated mil/hr also devalues. As for your armadyl method, you're missing 1 thing. Demon horn necklace. With bone crusher and Demon horn neck you could just take an inventory of ovls and stay indefinitely at armadyl.
  8. With your levels, and welfare gear, essentially everything is open for you. GWD is probably your best bet, and getting crashed is kind of a meh moment to be honest. I wouldn't bother with QBD. A lot of its drops have devalued pretty hard and I feel like its gp/hr needs to be recalculated, because I doubt still it's 3-4m/hr. More like 1m/hr. Which doesn't seem shocking seeing as there are QBD bot scripts.
  9. I disagree with this. Even without super anti-fires dragons are easy to kill. The only dragon worth mentioning as somewhat difficult is mithril dragon(Unless we count Wyverns into this), and that's difficult regardless of super anti-fire. For metal dragons, bronze-steel, wear ahrims + staff of light, stay melee distance, use your normal antifire pot, protect melee, and own them. For Mithril dragons, just use an antifire pot and hit them, they don't use dfire often enough for it to matter. For say, black dragons, use a crystal bow, and anti-fire pot, and protect magic. They go down pretty fast and you don't take much damage. At least that's what i've been doing this entire time with my crappy 60 herblore :P Now as for what you should do. I think you should focus on doing some quests: Branches of Darkmeyer, Summers End, Sir Amik Varze Recipe for disaster subquest, and Eadgar's ruse to name the one's important for good money making methods around your level. Branches for the amazing teleports to barrows and Burgh de Rott, this is a pretty consistent money making method. About 1m/hr depending on luck. The RFD subquest opens up evil chicken's lair and Black dragons atm are about 600k/hr consistently + w.e else for lucky drops. Summers end opens up Corpreal beast, corp isn't so good on the money/hr but it does come with the possibility of very large drops with your group, and I typically made 2.1m+ daily there even without the large drops. Not to mention it's fun :P. Eadgar's ruse for easier access to the GWD. I suggest you work your way up to 95 prayer and get some chaotics. Rapiers if you plan on doing KK, Maul/ claws if you don't. Though people would probably let you by with a maul at KK. I know I certainly don't care :P.
  10. I have to contend with the idea that killing Zamorak ='s nothing much happens. I think Guthix would disagree as well. Chaos, or randomness, is a necessity. Beyond that, the only ones left that are competent(Lets face it, bandos isn't competent. Unless he actually has a mind unlike his followers) to fight Saradomin at that point, are Armadyl and Zaros. Zaros, may get all of his powers back from Zamoraks death as well. So that's double trouble. You could argue things would be better with Saradomin ruling over rather than Zamorak, but I doubt it. Saradomin would likely be unwilling, if his followers are to showcase anything, to help those whom aren't saradomin followers. If that's the case, it's possible things could get worse in the Canifis/Meyerdich area. He'd have no reason to invade and help the people, if zamorak is already gone.
  11. 95 prayer costs approx 60-70m(Dragon bones). 96 herblore from 70 costs approx 140-150m. From level 1 you can likely increase that to 150-160m(assuming you're smart enough to do some questing for some basic levels). Note i'm thinking much slower, cheaper methods here. Technically, you could always find herbs to clean and make money from that. Though doing that to 96 would be insane ;3. But you don't even need 96 herblore. You only need 90 herblore. A lot of patience, super restores, and spicy stews. Sorry but your estimates weren't low, or conservative. They were vastly over stated. You're looking at a cost of about 200-220m for 95 prayer and 95 herblore. Furthermore, you don't /need/ this for PvM. If you were soloing, you would need it. But piety does fine, and overloads, honestly aren't a requirement for Nex. Perhaps if you were doing some hardcore team runs, but who's really /wants/ to do that? Not me. I'd much rather joke around with my friends that don't care that I don't have overloads because we kill bosses just fine.
  12. While I personally don't think there's any way to fix the divide other than 07 scape never happening. I have a few ideas we could chuck out there. The functional clan chat, is certainly an idea. Another idea, however, is to host an event where the two servers directly affect one another. Perhaps we could have a little competitive VS competition to "prove" which servers the best. Or maybe we could have an event where the servers work together for prizes on both that get larger based on how evenly we can keep the contributions(Guthixian balance FOR THE WIN!!!) from the individual worlds. These little competitions would probably increase playership of both servers, and might lead to a bit of communication from the servers. Although because the 07scape server is still new, it might be a bit hard for them to contribute as much, or even be willing to bother with such an event given that most are still busy trying to grind ahead of the rest of the player base. Perhaps, instead of an event. We can make a mechanic in which the servers affect each other on a day to day basis. It's hard for me to think of what this could possibly be though. Anything you could do on 07, is likely faster on EoC. Idk, just my thoughts on it :P.
  13. I personally think you over estimate how that data could be used in this situation. The issue is that botnukes bring patches. Which brings the servers down temporarily. For some players, when patches happen they assume it's going to take a while and go do something else, while for others it may take a long while due to bad connections to actually download the data(though I think this statistical anomaly can be ignored). The point being that there's more variables to consider in why the player base would drop. Now, away from our digression here. It was never my argument that the servers were already dead. No, my anecdote was to state that nostalgia doesn't last forever. Which is what I clearly stated upfront in my post. And based on nostalgia not lasting forever, I still think, and this is something observable in all walks of life, that the old server will slowly die off. If not due to nostalgia dying, then due to lack of future content by a community that is seemingly unwilling to allow the most minuscule changes to the game.
  14. I didn't realize a website existed with the data readily available. I should've assumed someone had made one by now and went and searched for it myself. Kind of a failure on my part. That being said, I think it's farfetched to say there's more bots on EoC than on 07. Just because there wasn't a mainstream bot released until recently(That's if you don't count SIMBA, but i'll let that slide), doesn't mean large amounts of players weren't botting. A color bot is easy enough to make, and a lot of people were sharing it privately. Not to mention a normal auto clicker worked. Lets face it, these gold farmers, chances are they can more than afford to buy a client off someone privately. And, chances are, they did. I'm not going to point any fingers(Yeah I am), but all you had to do was look at a few popular mining/woodcutting places. As those are 2 primary money makers with the easiest scripts to make. Now that there's a public bot out(a few actually), and now that 07scape's gold is more valuable than the main game's gold, I think it's safe to assume botting on both are at the very least equivalent. And quite possibly, there's more on 07scape. It's unfortunate we don't have any actual numbers on this and all I can do is speculate. But frankly if we knew how many bots there was on both server, we'd likely know who was botting as well :l...
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