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  1. Monnik, not true - just belongs in a different place. Try the Achievements thread. P.S, grats!!!
  2. SoA (Spirits of Arianwyn) are a very good clan. I join recently. While they aren't a PVM clan there's regular events and lots of people to PVM with. :-) ~Myles
  3. Grainy

    Need Help

    Long story short, if you don't like or can't do PvM - foreverpoor.jpg
  4. I imagine it will. Most hosts are no longer interested in selling floors because they have either found a better money making method, or there's just not enough leeches. Anyway like you said, dual wield might solve that issue.
  5. There's definitely a need for it. Finaly Blow = [bleep]ed Leech day (dunge leech merged) = [bleep]ed Sell Dung = ?????? Stev for president.
  6. While there might be a difference, it isn't HTML5. Many players seem to be confused about this, thinking that Varrock is suddenly HTML5 while the rest of the game is Java. For anyone how knows even the basics of programming, or web development this is really quite funny. I think the changes are more about dynamic lighting and whatnot - Varrock certainly seems brighter lol
  7. I've played since 2003. This update excites me more than any other. Roll on HTML5, and roll on better quest story lines. EDIT: Just read up, I'm amazed at how [bleep]ing pessimistic some players are. Jagex make mistakes, of course. I'd like to see you do [bleep]ing better. ~peace
  8. I think this is great. I've played AOE2 for years - it's good I can finally play it without messing about disabling explorer[Caution: Executable File].
  9. Like Gwyn said, some worlds are better than others. Have a try, you might find one that works better.
  10. Little update: Hardly been on RS except for ports and daily spins. Got all my psych work in yesterday which means I've got a clear run without hand-ins for the next couple of weeks. So bar tomorrow (at a mates 21st party/night out) I should be active again. Not many quest now til cape, maybe just a few days. Also just 100k in mining and a couple of firemaking levels to 80+!
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