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  1. Monnik, not true - just belongs in a different place. Try the Achievements thread. P.S, grats!!!
  2. SoA (Spirits of Arianwyn) are a very good clan. I join recently. While they aren't a PVM clan there's regular events and lots of people to PVM with. :-) ~Myles
  3. Grainy

    Need Help

    Long story short, if you don't like or can't do PvM - foreverpoor.jpg
  4. I imagine it will. Most hosts are no longer interested in selling floors because they have either found a better money making method, or there's just not enough leeches. Anyway like you said, dual wield might solve that issue.
  5. There's definitely a need for it. Finaly Blow = [bleep]ed Leech day (dunge leech merged) = [bleep]ed Sell Dung = ?????? Stev for president.
  6. While there might be a difference, it isn't HTML5. Many players seem to be confused about this, thinking that Varrock is suddenly HTML5 while the rest of the game is Java. For anyone how knows even the basics of programming, or web development this is really quite funny. I think the changes are more about dynamic lighting and whatnot - Varrock certainly seems brighter lol
  7. I've played since 2003. This update excites me more than any other. Roll on HTML5, and roll on better quest story lines. EDIT: Just read up, I'm amazed at how [bleep]ing pessimistic some players are. Jagex make mistakes, of course. I'd like to see you do [bleep]ing better. ~peace
  8. I think this is great. I've played AOE2 for years - it's good I can finally play it without messing about disabling explorer[Caution: Executable File].
  9. Like Gwyn said, some worlds are better than others. Have a try, you might find one that works better.
  10. Little update: Hardly been on RS except for ports and daily spins. Got all my psych work in yesterday which means I've got a clear run without hand-ins for the next couple of weeks. So bar tomorrow (at a mates 21st party/night out) I should be active again. Not many quest now til cape, maybe just a few days. Also just 100k in mining and a couple of firemaking levels to 80+!
  11. Thanks! Haha I forget I have 99 Hunter, cos I got it so long ago before HH, it was more of a money making method than just another 99. :P Don't think I'll be on much today, another full day at Uni library doing psych :(
  12. As I stated earlier, confirmed on the Moderator forums - it's their choice. It's not considered absolutely necessary - it's at their discretion. If a player mod chooses to report & mute a player, a JMod will not dispute it anymore, whatever the appeal from the reported player contains. It is not however, an obligation of player moderators to report & mute every single host that they see in-game. That's the difference. And this is the point I'm pushing, Jagex should make this a proper rule - it will clear things up and remove any grey areas that are confusing players/hosts such as Vann who are claiming they haven't directly broken any rules - which they haven't. Incorrect. This is clearly them actually doing something about the issue, and its not Pmods doing it. They've clearly had enough of the likes of Fishy and other dicing hosts pissing all over them, thinking they can do whatever they like without fear of the repurcussions. Now there are some, they're whining. Yes they should have stated that they were going to do the mutes, Yes I do think it was unfair upon Vann and such to be muted without warning, but I believe it is perfectly justifiable. To begin to stamp down on something that has ruined the game for so many, torn the economy apart and given rise to rwt like never before, and an unbelievable level of ignorance and ego, should be praised. tl;dr Kudos to Jagex for doing something about gambling. I disagree - if Jagex were actually doing something about it properly, it would be clearly stated in the rules that hosting flower/dice/gambling games IS against the rules. It isn't. They are passing the responsibility on to the PMods - how is that not clear? I'm not saying it's wrong what they are doing, I just think it's not too incoherent and inconclusive. Yes there are repercussions now, which didn't exist before, but is that enough? I don't think so. If something is worth doing (which it is), it's worth doing properly. I don't see how my view is "incorrect", not only is it an opinion, it's logical. Why do something half-arsed, and let players who believe that they aren't breaking the rules suffer the consequences? EDIT: I've just read back and it seems that there's an auto-mute system now in place for certain phrases such as "H/C" - this kind of makes my post invalid as Jagex CLEARLY are doing something. However, at least update the rules so the somewhat innocent player-base who previously were not breaking the rules are aware? My point about that still stands. I'm going to bed - g'night all. :)
  13. That's the difference, this is a game - not real life. IRL people CAN be responsible for themselves. But as VORK mentioned earlier, children play this game - who cannot be held responsible (legally). Gambling isn't WRONG AT ALL. it's a choice. And moderated properly, it's perfectly accepted in most cultures. Anyway I'm going out, this is between y'all. I'm neither here nor there, as I don't gamble. Just remember this is only a game. ;)
  14. I agree ^ And yes, the mute is a 48hr mute. HOWEVER, this is NOT really Jagex taking it seriously, just Jagex passing on some of the responsibly to player mods (and no longer revoking mutes/black marks for gambling mutes which previously happened).
  15. If it's SO unethical and wrong, which I agree IT IS, then they should enforce this properly. I'm not disagreeing with you, nor is Vann really. This is Jagex' mistake lol. To further back up my argument, Jagex removed the ability to gamble with horses, they should remove the ability to gamble with dice and flowers, neither of which is essential to the game.
  16. It's not a rant, there's a lot of general discussion value, and this will undoubtedly go off-topic. It should certainly be a question of Jagex' policy as they have been very unclear and have once again decided to sit on the fence and let the natural course of actions take place. Vann isn't teasing per se, he's stated why he feels how he does, and not getting caught up too much in the nonsense. On one hand I respect Vann, and on the other I respect the PMod who muted him. That's the nature of grey areas - lose-lose situation. Shame on Jagex.
  17. I'm not in the least bit surprised about this. I read (through somebody else) a post on the moderator forums encouraging Player Moderators *by a JMod* to report gambling hosts wherever they see fit, and at their own discretion - not to say it's 100% against the rules and ought to be reported at any possible opportunity but at their own discretion. This I think is an important factor. The Player Moderators are given the choice, and quite rightly so. It's a grey area which some players are completely against, and some aren't. The fact that Vann is angry, I understand simply because this was a hidden update, I think it should have been made more clear, similar to other rule changes in the past. As somebody stated earlier, if it was to be made fully against the rules many player would no longer host for fear of losing their account. ~Edit: as Vann stated in the post above me, it's not entirely fair to judge how the game is played when it is within within the rules - this is a problem. It should be enforced fully, or not at all. No grey areas. The major issue isn't so much the gambling, especially when it is merely what many players would consider to be petty cash, i.e, 10-20m. But when the stakes are in the billions, this attracts further black markets such as GP sales and such. For example, somebody I know has accumulated over $128,000 USD on a popular black market website by buying and selling RSGP, mostly from an ex-gambling clan who are liquidating their "mules" - THIS is the major issue, not the occasional petty gamble, which will always occur one way or another, via any method such as staking, PvP (death match) or in-game gambling methods.
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