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  1. Be a tank ranger, melt everyone. Also, 60 attack is garbage once your combat level starts getting high.
  2. I haven't played in a month or so but deaths were what you were supposed to use for this, not sure about prices now.
  3. W377 but I doubt anyone will be there at this time.
  4. i mentioned making guides that turn a better profit in his other thread and then he makes one that makes even less cash. There's no point in exp wasting doing this when you can just make this cash training skills...
  5. What makes you say that? Anyone who wants to make money off Runescape in real life are going to do it regardless of whether or not they have something to spend their cash on in game. I agree with the other part of your post though.
  6. I got my first skirt within like 20 bronze drags, the dogs aren't a problem at all.
  7. Platelegs are 1m so I'm happy about that. They covered the cost of all my runes/ potions/mystic &farseer so the skirt and all the money I made on rune limbs/ items/bloods/d bones is pure profit and I still have like 1.5k casts left.
  8. Only 400-500K sadly, Two hour later and these just dropped from irons.
  9. I'd suggest moving on to better methods. No offense, I just don't think anyone here has trouble making more than that amount.
  10. Lol I'm starting to find out who the pretentious dbags of the forums are. To answer your question in terms you can understand. Yes.
  11. How is that unrelated? Are you unaware of the fact that these poll subjects actually get implemented in the game if 75% of the community votes for it?
  12. Then a lower drop rate for level 1's and 2's since those are extremely easy to do.
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