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  1. I thought that you could do fletching lossless while doing other skills, So doing broads at an event that doesnt give xp is still as much xpwaste as doing no broads at the event?
  2. for construction you can cut a whole lot of mahoganies/teaks and use the special logs to make planks for free
  3. Hello peepz, First a late gratz on the max Oddish!!! And about the new diy mode I love the idea but I hope they will completely remove th (as people with big bank accounts wont be competition anymore) and, if it isnt already banned as a multiplayer minigame, ban warbands from diyes And I hope they'll start using the term 'diy' because ironman seems so 07-ish
  4. he got 120 all skills before div was out, he still is the first.
  5. I like the game but I dont like the fact that i've crashed 3 times in 3 games which makes me not wanna play anymore.
  6. I think this will solve it: right click the - (the minimize button) on the abilities tab and choose sheathe/unsheathe
  7. the reward was for "Top ranking player" And if Jake is considered a #1 player not based on actual rank but contribution, He would also lose in that catagory because he does nothing for the game. It was for who was on the top of the high scores at the time, Suomi was the one but they probably picked out the people before suomi took rank 1 back. I think during the same runefest Zezima won the award for actual #1 player even though all he did was max but whatever. zezima got the golden gnome for "lifetime achievement" and I think that's rightfully given as he might be the only player who was here at the start and who will always be remembered (and he still plays, maxes and gets 200mz)
  8. the rule explicitly states that the multilogged accounts must not interact with eachother: Similarly, multi-logged accounts must not interact with each other to exploit gameplay mechanics, such as attempting to rig the result of a minigame. thus if you interact with the alts of othere the multilogged accounts dont interact with eachother.
  9. I think its 1:6 in fcs, 1:7 with high amounts of 07 cash and probably up to 1:9 (or even 1:10) if you know the right people.
  10. He was the owner (one of the owners?) of one of the biggest botting sites: RSBuddy (can I say that here?).
  11. And fors is actually on a 3b year atm (2,9b but thats almost 3b)
  12. Maybe they mean that we only can multi-log to transfer geepeez and not to play on both accounts at the same time.
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