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  1. I don't mind doing them, in fact I do find it fun. But my point is they aren't more difficult than hard clues in my opinion. Also I'm referring to the common rewards, not the rare exclusive ones. Most bosses are pretty shit gp/hr if you don't include the rare exclusive drops too.
  2. I hate how everyone acts like the economy is the greatest aspect of the game. If prices will fluctuate with the value of gold, does it really matter in the long term? +1 supporter for Blaze
  3. Sewage Kat

    Stupid dragon pets

    I do see what you mean. But you gotta understand how hard it is to make all these changes. It's even more hard than modifying a single player game because they have to make sure there are no major glitches. Yeah, this shouldn't have bypassed their radar, and I hope they will fix this within a week. I'm still waiting for them to make pickpocket the first option with knights of ardougne, but sadly I doubt it's gonna happen. It's already happened on 07, just wait. They do all the convenience updates on 07 before eocscape now.
  4. At least it didn't end by smashing the leading antagonist with a pillar.
  5. Jagex left you all alone at livid because he had to take a shower. Never forget.
  6. Sewage Kat


    The GE is always the best way to make money, just need to know what you're doing. pic related:
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