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  1. Woo! That's awesome, congratulations |^_^|
  2. I got stuck in a rock <_< Not only am I clumsy irl, my rs character is clumsy and gets stuck in s**t too <_<
  3. Yeah, I'm totally slacking.. a lot. Opps? I'm super excited though. I'm 8k away from 75 Agility, then all I have left is Herblore (which is banked) Summoning (which I have 71 banked) & Dungeoneering which I am going to die while doing..
  4. For me the worst skill in dungeoneering. I mean, what the hell is the point of that skill? It's more like a mini-game! I hate it so much, so so much.. I prefer Agility to Dungeoneering; that's how much I hate it. What use does it REALLY have? The skill itself, not the rewards from tokens. I just don't see the point of being in a dungeon, running around clearing it out. <_<
  5. Welcome to the Tip.It forums! |^_^|
  6. Thanks Zodiac |^_^| More updates, been busying with certain things lately so I haven't had time to really update this! [spoiler=Random funny pictures]
  7. LKN

    Hi, I'm new here

    Old School bonds are roughly 1.3m - 1.5m depending on the people selling.
  8. You can also try emailing their support at [email protected] I've emailed them before and gotten results that way.
  9. Congratulations everyone! =D> & good luck to anyone else trying for this. I can't wait to see who else makes the Junior Crew! |^_^|
  10. Welp, thanks for the laugh Saru.. maybe you'll learn to go back to your grave next time ;)
  11. I redid it on my alt account recently and I honestly expected it to be difficult like it was on my main account back in the day, but it wasn't at all. It was quite easy, maybe even too easy.
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