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  1. 2005 A friend in my class at school told me about it, I was hooked from that day on
  2. On my first account I did 1-30ish agility entirely off the gnome ball minigame thing, although slow it was very fun
  3. Okay so a bunch of levels over the past 2 days was it? Anyway I'll just post them I'm sure you don't want to read all about my 'adventures'
  4. Done a few quests today, gained a few levels and missed some pictures. Sorry! So first I guess is the new quest of course, which I was sure I sceenshotted but I mustn't of saved it right or were I thought it was and I can't find it, next is goblin diplomacy, then knights sword, which again I missed but I did get a pic of the smithing level it gave me :) And last I got 63-65 fming.
  5. @ 7 Lukey 7, Thanks! Support means a lot to me! @ Vlodmort0, Thanks for reading man! Not sure how many people would/did haha. I'm actually not sure why I'm just enjoying RCing right now although I'll see how my mood goes/changes as I get to the higher/harder levels. Just one level for tonight unfortunately.
  6. Okay so after RCing I decided to do a little more on my combat goals and stick it out at Moss giants for a level of each att str and def. Got some prayer xp while I was at it and then to round up the night went and did some nice afk fishing :) [spoiler=Warning quite a few pics]
  7. Hello everyone, just want to start this blog to keep track of my goals and achievements throughout my time playing Runescape. Just want to say first off I made this account a few years ago with the intention of becoming a pure/zerker but never had the dedication and gave up almost instantly (Hence the name) I do intend to change it in a few days once I get members to something a little more appropriate. :) [spoiler=About meh]Alright, so I started playing RS around 2005-2006 I'm not sure the exact date or even year! I had an account since then to 2012 after I took a break from RS my interest waned and I moved on, but a IRL friend got me back into RS but I came back to find my account banned. On some further investigation on why, I found it was banned for botting. Now I have never botted in RS or any other games for that matter ever. So the only conclusion I can take from this is I was hacked and my account turned into a bot. Which sucks and I was pretty torn up about it upon finding out something I had sunk 6ish years of my life into was irretrievable to me... It took me a while but I remembered this account and hopped on, a week later I have this to show for my efforts, it's not much but considering I made my first ever K on RS by camping hobgoblins for GP back in 06 or something I'm pretty impressed. Levels as of the 12/08/2013 ~~~Goals~~~ (Short term) 40+ All f2p skills 2 mill cash 50 Combat stats (Long term) 99 Firemaking 99 Runecrafting 70 Combat stats (including prayer and summoning) Anyway that's all for now I'll be updating this regularly... (I hope!) If you did read this Thanks and for all who didn't I honestly don't blame you!
  8. Congratulaitons mate great achievment you got there!!!
  9. Hey guys looking to join a clan, I'm a pretty old player joined before 07 I believe although I am playing a new account due to issues with my old account being banned >_> Although it wasn't me that got it banned (I got hacked). TL;DR: Low level f2p Account looking for a clan!! :D
  10. Yo ah nub till yo get 99 runecrafting. But still great achievment I know for sure I couldn't get that...ever
  11. Bloodeh amazing mate. Just read all 73 pages of this blog and have to say I'm throughly impressed with all your work and commitment. Have to say my jaw dropped at each dragon pick drop you got seeing as Itam doesn't even have one yet?? Or didn't last time I checked (I could be wrong. So don't shoot me!)
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