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  1. Just stop reading it and responding until it gets closed so you can move on and not think about this useless drama.
  2. Definitions of the word "Fact": - a thing that is known or proved to be true - information used as evidence I don't even know how you play the game so I can't see how you can claim "hate my way of playing the game." It feels like you are just going to keep taking ANYTHING anyone says as an insult until you get the eventual result you want. So I'll say what you keep claiming everyone is saying to keep you happy - you are a moron.
  3. My god. They are NOT trying to prove you are a moron. They ARE simply stating with FACTS why an item is BETTER SUITED to do something rather than another item. If you asked what people THOUGHT of the LOOK of said item - then it would be OPINION. If people "proving" you wrong is saying that you are a moron then everyone must be a moron. As everybody gets proven wrong at one time or another.
  4. This is going to sound most likely very rude but I am 100% curious. Are you actually 26 like your profile says you are? I lurk this forum a lot and from the basis of it - nobody actually hates you. They seem to just get tired of the many new threads you make that you could simply get an answer to by a quick google - especially considering you are clearly not a noob player on the game as you have generally decent stats.
  5. They most likely just "hid" your post or moved it into a forum only administrators or moderators can see that they just dump awful threads into.
  6. Figured here was best place to post - Been looking around and can't seem to find it so does anyone have a link to that picture/spreadsheet where dragonseance has in his opinion the best methods to use to train (pre-elf city etc). I saw it on his twitch the other week but lost the bookmark for it so if anyone has it could they please link it :)
  7. Congrats on 99 everything except defence! :D
  8. A part needs adding to Step 6 in the quest guide. When you release the gnome you need to go back up the ladder and then can just come straight back down for him to re-appear. As I found out there is a glitch when doing the quest where he disappears and that is the only way to get him to re-appear (had to use a different quest guide on another site to find this out). Think it should be added to help people in the future. :) http://www.tip.it/runescape/quests/view/113-mournings-ends-part-1
  9. Be a fair bit different if a player was actually new and wanted to know best way to max with no GP to begin with.
  10. Hey Guys, Just looking for some advice for training skills in regard to what dailies I should be doing :) As well as if you could recommend an efficient order of finishing off the skills I have left please :) (stats found in signature) Thanks, Mr Selfridge
  11. Should put the methods used to determine time to 200m on there so people can understand how you got that time left. :)
  12. Couldn't post last night as Tip.it was down for me :( Went to KK for the first time with clan, was good fun :D I only died once lul Also got 75 Slayer :) http://gyazo.com/8b268a2d9ac11169b10a77bd685f54e2
  13. Hey I'm Mr Selfridge. I've been a long-time reader of different threads on tip.it so decided to register and create a blog as well as post and become an active user. :) [spoiler=About Me ~]I'm 20 years old, live in Australia, currently at University. :) [spoiler=Current Stats ~] [spoiler=Main Goals ~] [spoiler=Side Goals ~ ] I think that will do for now, will most likely add more later :) Time to go back to slaying :D ~ Mr Selfridge
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