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  1. First time I've actually heard of the DIY concept, looks interesting, good luck with it! Once you build up combat and smithing up, i find killing Exiled Kalphites extremely good profit. Pick up the lantadymes, rune equipment and the damaged chitin, then use the chitin on the anvil to break it down (the amount you get depends on your smith level). Using a spirit terrorbird, at 82 smithing and 175 combat i earned 900k-1mil/hr
  2. You forgot one attraction for games "Having fun". ;) The only real difference I've noticed is emptier worlds. Years ago I remember the worlds always being 500+ pop. It's not too hard to find a 200 pop world these days, though that may be due to the lack of bots. I still enjoy it though. I'd suggest giving coming back a shot. I believe they are cutting down how many worlds there are as well, so that may be bad news for some people who need the space; for example waterfiends is always very busy for slayer or crimson charms, but ultimately i believe it will be better, because there will be more people per world, therefore more social interaction, like the old days... Spending my day in catherby talking to everyone while fishing, now its just a bunch of hardcore gamers who don't talk and get as much xp as possible per hour.
  3. What those guys said, otherwise people could make money extremely quickly.
  4. They'll probably fix it soon, I imagine the barrel disappeared during one of the ninja updates.
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