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  1. I'm 22 now and just recently started playing again. When I first started around 8 years ago, I was friends with a long distance delivery driver who was in his 40s, and another guy around the same age who did virtually nothing but mine and smith. Both of them were probably the coolest, most helpful guys on my friends list. I remember the former displaying incredible patience with me when I was going nuts during the Heroes quest.
  2. All Is Lost Robert Redford (77 years old!) out chilling on the Indian Ocean when a rather naughty shipping container smashes a hole in the hull of his boat. The film's about him attempting to survive. There's very little dialogue, and some scary parts. Worth a watch.
  3. I have a little bit of an addiction when it comes to games and films. The last time I was at the games shop I bought: The Last of Us Remastered (played a few hours), GTA IV (own on 360, but gave away - played a few hours online), GTA IV Episodes from Liberty City (played The Lost and Damned a little), Way of The Samurai 3 (tried playing a few times, but was killed numerous times, including one dramatic death whilst cutting vegetables.) Over the past week I've also bought a few games from the PS Store: Okami HD (played around an hour, constant dialogue is a bit frustrating), Red Dead Redemption (owned on 360 but gave away) plus all DLC, and The Walking Dead Season 1 (now own this on PC, 360 and PS3. After all that, I decided to play Runescape instead.
  4. I thought you were talking about the players! I played for several hours today and not a single person spoke to me, despite several efforts being made on my part.
  5. Well, it's a pretty interesting read, isn't it? It's a shame no one was nosey enough to find out how the OP was fooled.
  6. Thanks for the welcome. I've never heard of Ironman/DIY. I just thought of RS as a singleplayer game, and how things that we take for granted in the game as it exists today would be much more difficult. I understand I can't smith an iron pickaxe until I become a member?
  7. I've just created a new RS account. Had a few in the past, but haven't played in a number of years. RS is so different now. Different combat, different look, voice acting, better sound. I've noticed that the worlds seem a lot emptier, which is a shame, and less people talk. Anyway, I'm giving self-sufficiency a try, just for the hell of it. Wish me luck, please.
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