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  1. Thanks for the great guide! Got to Jad on my 1st try no problem but failed prayer switching completely and died in 2 hits. Well, time to try again :wall:
  2. No revenants there :thumbsup: EDIT: or at least I haven't seen any
  3. Yep, 10 raw fish/5 coal is actually better than the other way round. I think I used some old prices in my previous post or just remember wrong.
  4. I use 10 on coal and 5 on raw fish, I think it's the best profit at current prices.
  5. First accounter here, I remember starting around 2004/2005. Had a lot of breaks and stuff though, so I'm not very high leveled. Of course I have some other accounts too, but they're barely even lv 10 or so and I've forgotten most of their names/passwords.
  6. I never PKed in the old wildy, so the fun of killing/getting killed is quite new to me. And it really is fun.
  7. For me it's totally worth it too, because better defence bonuses -> less money used on food. And with Guthan's, no money used on food :
  8. Thanks for the guide, got me from 66 to 70 in three days at giant spiders : Will definitely use in the future too.
  9. What about this: Cabin in Keldagrim: ''Dwarven storage-not for storing dwarves''
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