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  1. xJakex

    price of sharks

    bypass the GE, no one's forcing you to use it.
  2. WoW should've copied RS's quest system, rather than "kill x of y" great! here's a weapon! "due to the lack of y, z's population is hungry for meat. kill x of z now." great! here's some gold. "now deliver this to the next town" and that's where the variety ends.
  3. xJakex

    Girls in RuneScape

    I wish the girls would leave me.
  4. as in, saradomin/zamorak/guthix rune armour? they don't have any extra defence, but they look well cooler.
  5. there is some on the previous page, I am going to upload it soon. Wow at that server status thingy! Edit: this thread is now upto date! I just looked at the main site and found out I was a hot topic so though it was my duty :P (ohes noes my bad spelling is there too!) if you mean this pic: http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/1037/14261321bj9.png then that's the new limps, not the old ones.
  6. did it at level 92, full rune with neitiznot helm and obby shield, used 2 regular restores, 2 combat potions and 1 super attack. 42 hp left, used 18 sharks.
  7. Go to help and advice ;)
  8. Gardening...I mean Farming. That skill is mint :P.
  9. It's sea shanty 2 you want on repeat! Makes everything miles less tedious. Good luck on 20k feathers.. :D
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