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  1. wow introduced ah and arenas far before runescape
  2. How do other people think about this ? ive played both games, runescape more that wow, mainly due to time. also because its a different game. how ever for some time now there is more things i associate with wow on runescape. recently the grand exchange, does anyone see how similar this is to the ah ? now these duel arenas and ratings to go with them. not to mention all teh graphics updates when they need to adress the so called combat triangle issues. i might as well stop playing runescape completly as runescape is just becoming a cheap knock off of another game i play.
  3. thisismine

    So im NEW

    scale of things if yourve played for say 9 hours (total time) and some one stole something taht took your 3 hours to get then you have wasted a third of your total time, if yourve been playing for 3 years and you loose a hat then you loose a third of your total times achiement. three hours to you might not be much but to someone taht doenst play/hasnt played much it could be alot
  4. thisismine

    Pet Peeves

    are rc pkers are scum people taking squares in trade worlds is annoying but the exchange will reduce this problem the tards that "buying all X" ffs i have some of x and im not selling it so you arnt buying all of x only some of x the thing about brought levels is that the gp can be brought, and the people that buy levels already are taking a large short cuts its not hard to imagine some of them buying mass gold to level faster. i didnt realsie it was possible to train to higher than lvl 99 (bar items) so If it's an accomplishment to them, your opinion doesn't matter. doesnt make alot of sence to me. torso should be tradeable. 7 hours is nothing you can go for days of training to get other armour drops yet they are still tradeable. mage needs better non degradable amrour or a way to reduce masive melle hits, also dragonhide armou NEEDS to give a melle hit reduction and a large one at that
  5. becoming a cheap version of wow, AH ftw! one thing this does do is leave it open for large scale market manipulation. if a large guild pools gold then buys all of one item that shows up lower then they were selling it it could drive it up, well still have to see i guess.
  6. simple you spend hours to get something ( alot of skills arnt that exciting) then you sell what you got and then the person you sell to goes and resells it for more you could have probably got more yourself but theres o many other sellers/ buys (on teh trade worlds) you cant see who to go to, id prefer and auction house system similar to wow.
  7. i agree with point part 2 but not 1. rc pkers get what 1 glory if they are lucky some pure ess and what every junk the rc'er is using to get through the wall (mith axe for me) they attack you if your not going to fight back. but when you actually come armed they run as fast as they can or port. btw do you have any idea on how annoying it is to get pouches ? you say "only " 75k per run but lets be honest your not only going to do 1 run that would be a waste of time your more than likly to do 100+ over time. out of interest do you use the abyss ?
  8. i never said there was infinite carbon atoms only that new elements are being produced so the source of the material for plastic/ ipod ect is still in production to have found a limit to the universe the crictical mass must be =1, i didnt think that they could prove that? are you talking about cbr ? with extreme high energy explosions ie super novas it can produce heavy metals as well as rip appart more complex atoms so you could have nearly a cycle. and i think your thinking aboutthe laws of energy conservation. theorically energy can be converted to matter just as matter to energy though i doubt we could do it any time soon
  9. forums read articles msn at one stage i was playing el at teh same time pretty much anything rather than watch teh stupid mining animation ( i useally have the screen at half width or put the task manager ove rthe screen so i cant see teh animation anyway
  10. if i have the time i play wow if i dont i play rs also play ut goty utxmp (when the servers active) ut2k3/4 sometimes civ 3 eternal lands (not alot of) cs 1.6 and cs source warcraft 3 + frozen thone bits of c&c2 the new unreal 3 demo lately spend alot of time on forums ^^ oh and some of the free games from giveawayoftheday.com
  11. ah i delete addons history ect the campus has public access so i wipe everything pretty often, it loads things back when you access runescape
  12. i dont bother with anything that doesnt give stats so i didnt get the crackers, if you dont always get a hat from them then it still applies, if the condition is true it calls the hat generation code. as for i pods, theyre associated with macs and therfore are rubish. how ever you will find that there is lots of carbon atoms being produced though fusion. base elements from nova to p[/i]roduce more ect
  13. i agree with alot of it, there has been some good updates but pc pretty much ruined mellee (other stats to but melee mostly) the home teleport afff there goes having to learn your way arround same with the world map link. so not only do people that dont bother getting magic now tele , you have people that dont know the way to places because they can just tele. gone are teh days when you had to have any smarts now all you have to do is train stg and attack and spam noob every few seconds
  14. rather than tell them yoiu reported them let them carry on then you can often report them for other stuff and the chance of the getting banned increases
  15. they wanted a few k profit from hc, to them it must be worth making them-selves look stupid
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