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  1. Really excited about his month , however one thing has me worried : ' These raids feature stealth elements ', please God no, why do they keep adding stealth activities in quests. With the tick system they just do not work, isnt it enough they ruined Dishonor Among Thieves without ruining another quest with them.
  2. Agreed , it's a classic case of forgetting something rediculously obvious, then treating the fix as if it's a great update to it and that they're listening to the players. It clearly should have been there all along. Did they learn nothing from the "kill 1000 elves " debacle.
  3. I don't know if i'm just very lucky, or its just not as bad as initially thought. But through a,combination of prawn balls, pennies and crackers I have gotten 7 of the fish in around 3 hours.
  4. Darn it. I wax just about to ask that very question. Why on earth didn't they include a list! I too am losing track of the smaller fish . I think I just need the leaping trout and the regular salmon. But when I went into the aquarium to verify this I just got even more confused
  5. This sounds very promising, finally something to address the castle wars problem after all these years. I am struggling to find things I want to do when I log in currently, and I really would like more minigames to be playable again so I can play some games I haven't for a very long time.
  6. Question: is there a difference in damage done between using full manual and using revolution, but manually activating the abilities?
  7. it would be more interesting/representative to see a graph where those numbers are multiplied by the average time per kill to see the difference in total hours spent killing the bosses by players.
  8. The Runelabs ideas page has depressed me more than anything in RS in a long time and really is the definition of 'this is why we can't have nice things'. No one seems to have read or listened to anything related to what it was supposed to be about, or the guidelines, let alone that ideas needed to be for a 'medium sized piece of content. Instead it seems it is being treated as a rebadged forum where you can post whatever the hell you like , regardless of its usefullness. It's hard not to come away with the conclusion that the game is played entirely by 11 year olds based upon the posts. I know that this community and ones like Reddit tend to be a bit more obsessive than the average player, and a lot of us follow very closely everything Jagex announces. But I at least hoped those posting would have a vague awareness of what jagex has said is not viable , or not likely to ever happen. The amount of posts I have seen saying things along the line of 'my idea is that smithing should be reworked', or 'my idea is that minigames should be made so people play them again' as if they believe theyre the first ones to have come to such a genius revelation makes me fuming mad. Every one knows half of the problems being posted about in one line suggestions, the entire point of Runelabs is for people to suggest ways to fix the problems, not just point them out. My biggest worry currently is how much time is going to be wasted by Jagex staff moderating and monitoring Runelabs to the stage where a feasible idea can be picked, not to mention with this much community involvement how much extra time it will take to develop the content. I think the man hours it will have taken to secure each release will probably be 2-3 times more than a typical update, I dont know about other people, but I would rather have 2-3 normal updates updates than one that was 'designed by the players'.
  9. Is there a way on Rune Labs to view the suggestions that are getting the most attention/support. All I can see currently is to view the most recent support which seems 99% full of ridiculous spam suggestions like 'add more quests and 'raise the skill cap'. I was under the impression it would function similar to reddit where the most popular ideas would be at the top. Currently things just get buried by new posts. Am I just missing a really obvious button somewhere?
  10. Pips is the head of runescape and not the ceo. A,lot of companies promote someone internally like the COO to CEO but in this case I think it's a good thing they want to bring in fresh blood. It worked pretty well for the game to have MMG as an outsider to stir things up a little (even if there does seem to be a lot of disgruntled people regarding management within the company.
  11. It was the UK version of Dragons Den done by the bbc that really made it big. (I wasn't aware there was a us version of the show until I moved there from the uk). The us version debuted 3 years after the UK show.
  12. My interpretation is they admit that they were wrong and should have been trimmed requirements all along, but it's too late to change it now so they're not going to.
  13. It's interesting because this is the first time to my memory they have admitted the castle wars req was a mistake, i really wish they would change it, but alas. I think its toxicity to the castle was minigame itself i only one of the reasons it has had a negative effect. I think there are a lot of people that would otherwise have gone for trim and done the other reqs, but see it as so unachievable to get the C Wars req that that they don't. If content deliberately puts you off other content that is definitely not a good thing. I also wonder how many players have become so disheartened whilst getting the C Wars req that they have quit altogether? If something is so obviously broken then it should be fixed, or at least have been reduced far more when profound was released it seems however that whenever any reasonable debate is had on the HLF, those against change simply have to say 'yeah,but it makes it more prestigious'. and it's seen as an end argument statement that means any discussion is ignored. I remember the old joke that Andrew Gower programmed firemaking in an afternoon, yet so many people have wasted so much time doing it. Well I legitimately hope that Mod Chis L feels genuinely bad and remorseful for the amount of time he has made so many people waste and get anxiety over, because it was a horrendous decision to make.
  14. Has the motherload shard reward drop table been reworked yet? Or is that in a later batch...
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