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  1. very intresting post. i remember you and duke always had arguments on thees forums :P
  2. I'll be honest with ya. I got lots of learn. If ya wanna update me, send me a pm. take a loot at rsc 8-)
  3. the levels dosnt mather. u could kill a level 75 ankou and still get the left half of the skull. ea monster comes in many diffrent levels.
  4. if i remember this, ill try to be there. rs name: green viking combat : 119 f2p for life 8-)
  5. remi

    rate this!

    hello. my friend made me this. what do u think? rate it. 8) too big to go as an avitar on tip.it i think, but looks nice on rsc :lol:
  6. sounds good. but the slots thing is abit too complicated. the first page looks good though 8)
  7. it last for more then 2 sec. maybe it just feel like 2 sec, cos the guy is binded before the green stuff comes to bind him. he stops running as soon as u press bind and cast it, but that green stuff apears soem time after that.
  8. how can di declined a war that they decleard?
  9. i think di will crush them. di got higher combat avrage. and more members too right? and you cant realy say anything about di`s organisation, so i would be suprised if ds won. but good luck to both clans. it will be fun to see who wins.
  10. they dont? :shock: where do u think u guys get all ur raw materials from then? do u have any idea how much yews and ores would cost if there were no f2p`ers? :lol:
  11. im pure f2p and i realy see no need for fletching. Just make wildycapes and snare f2p and im happy. 8)
  12. hehe ill go try it right now. :lol:
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