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  1. Well, if you have 2gigs of RAM, basically too much the performance that that dishes out would be (At the highest available products) Dual 6800 Ultras.. and A FX-56 (Wait, those don't even match it!)
  2. No, it's probably because you need to download your latest video card drivers. It's a common problem.
  3. I'm like to stay up all night -- its a nak. It's close to summer and I'm developing my insomniac powers again. Sometimes I may go to sleep in school, most likely because I usually stay up until school starts.
  4. Thats weird. I'm running on a AMD 64 3000+ (OC'ed to 2.6ghz) 1gig of dual channel RAM (Corsair, 415mhz), and a 6600GT overclocked just a bit.. Hl2 runs flawless on 16x Sophic and 8x AA. Try overclocking a bit if you know how..
  5. A half-life 1/2 and related game demo. All you do is type in a command and it starts one.
  6. I like EQ2, played both. The graphics are supurb. The environments make it look beautiful. You may find yourself walking around just to check out the environments. The community is mainly composed of mature adults. It's not too big, but it has well over enough players for me. Thats about all. Yes, on WOW I have been called a newb numerous times. Killing a few thistle boars and people come up, steal my bronze, call me a newb etc.. Although I do like jumping in WOW.. :o
  7. I'm bored as crap here. I've got alot of work tommorow so I thought I'd wip out doom 3. If you wanna play (I'll host) contact meh. msn = [email protected] aim = pdoubleopdawg
  8. Try reformatting, to really see if it is a software-based problem.
  9. Look at the technical specs, Gamecube SURELY doesn't have a better render than ps2.
  10. Yeh, It's worth renting. Although my favorite Tupac movies is "Juice."
  11. BlackICE is pretty good.(FREE) The best is probably a wellconfigured router. (50 bucks, and 45 minutes of work :wink: )
  12. DahVid

    2 gigs?!?!

    Well, you can always use GmailFS to upload files there. I use it for my dls for my Half-Life server. (Sv_downloadurl)
  13. Half-Life: For almost 6 years I've been playing this game. The storyline is wonderful, one of the first FPS to have a storyline like so. You start out as a scientist at a regular day of work. The graphics were amazing, I mean, compare it to "Mystery of the Sith" 1997, alot better. It's mod community was to the extreme, and the fans were dedicated. There were, and ARE over 120 modifications for half-life. Although many of them are dead there all still some working on mods. Like Move In! hasn't even been released. Ghost Ops:The Avalon project has just came out. Even in 2003, and 2004, people still played half-life. Even though Half-Life 2 has come out people still come back to their roots. I have to say, after making my own modification, mapping, etc. This is my roots for my number one gender of gaming, FPS. Sure I played doom 1and2 before, I just didn't get into it much. Although, today, I should be getting some crap from newegg (1gig of dual channel, 6600GT) to upgrade my POS (111mb of usable RAM, 8/16/32 mb prosavageDDR) to play Half-Life 2, I'll always come back to my roots. e_add monster_gman:origin:%HERE%:displayname:Gman's got some crack:model:models/gman.mdl
  14. DahVid


    I've got a 11 foot pool, currently being worked on for the summer now. I used to swim with water wings since I was 1 or 2. I'm a little bit cross-eyed, but back then it was a little more servere.. before i had surgery. I jumped in the wrong end (Without my water wings) and it came to me like instinct.
  15. It looks pretty good. I'm pretty sure you can get a pretty piece of gold off of it. I like the first one the best. You might want to try added real-life things or runescape things. Practice your skills.. etc. Adding noise for abstracts gets old after a bit :!: :wink:
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