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  1. pking an r2h in runescape classic. in full steel.
  2. Actually, when i had a problem i called, had no wait, and they fixed my problem in under 5 minutes. i dont know who you talked to...
  3. try calling them on the phone.
  4. are you sure your modem isn't the problem? if not i would just call the customer service, because Linksys is extremely helpful.
  5. the bottom line is don't get 2 gigs unless you are working on some heavy duty video/audio rendering or advanced CAD or Graphics Design.
  6. I just thought it would be fun to see what everyone has under the hood. Mine: AMD Athlon 64 3800+(originally at 2.39ghz but overclocked to 2.63) 2.00 GB RAM 160 GB Serial ATA HDD ATI Radeon x1300 256mb PCI-e Sound Blaster Audigy 4 to find most of these go to: Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager they should be listed there. thanks
  7. yes for gods sake please remember to ground the mobo or you will fry it. how many rpms does the hard disk run at? that's all i really look for when upgrading HDD. and yes x1600 is a great card and its good that you've chosen the 256mb because that's essential for in game graphics. all those purchases look good and good luck on upgrading. if you run into any problems remember to post here. edit- sorry about the pound to dollar thing. i thought you said you had two sticks of 256mb for the RAM. if you have 2 of those you're gonna have to buy 1gig because it would work out to be cheaper than two sticks of 512mb. Maybe you have more than 2 RAM slots....
  8. For the Video Card: Try an ATI Radeon x1000 series or 9550. they're good cards and will keep you up to date on games for under 100 dollars. i've got an x1300 and i play call of duty 2, WoW, and Guild Wars. very easy to upgrade and come in AGP and PCI-e slots. for the RAM: invest in 1 gig stick and take out the old 512mb. this way when its time, you can just stick in another 1 gig stick. hard disk is extremely easy to upgrade. you can get it pretty cheaply off sites like http://www.newegg.com.
  9. mdogg33


    i know this is horrible, but i was just messing around with paint today. any cc is extremely appreciated. thanks everyone
  10. well....now that you got that out of your system... (jk...its awesome), you can enter my comp. you know you want to.
  11. how could anyone not like your style??? there is no time limit on my comp, so just join anytime.... plz!
  12. ive got a crit....you should probly join my 10m comp. sorry for the spam
  13. wow im glad my thread has stayed up this long. i hope we are helping you guys!
  14. Here's mine..... there should be 2 more sharks. it works out well. I mage dharok, verac, and karil with prayer, and then i range ahrim with prayer, and mage guthan and torag just in full torags with rune kite.
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