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  1. i found the nomad fight extremely disappointing. at 138 combat he's very easy, i killed him on my first try with 5+ brews left. I'm hoping eventually they make some quest fight difficult for all players regardless of combat level.
  2. rubies at mith dragons always excite me, and its nothing..
  3. On the boat for lvl 100+ players, you now get 140% XP/game that you used to get. A game now takea a MINIMUM of 105 seconds (1 minute 45 seconds), but will probably take about 2 minutes to complete (120 seconds) - before this update with a good team it would be 30 seconds per game, but probaly an average of 40 seconds or so. Now in 120 seconds you get 4 pc points, before in 120 seconds you got 3 points (not including time spent not in game) you now get 4 instead of 3 points for 2 minutes, that means 120 instead of 90 points per hour. HOWEVER, at 35% of the old xp, you used to get 90X100% = 9000% (Consider the 100% old xp per point, and 35% new xp per point), now you get 120X35% = 4200%. It is less than half of what you could get before with rough numbers, even if numbers are more favorable in reality, it still won't change it by a factor of 2 or more Basically, it is MUCH less XP for lvl 100+ players. GF Jagex. EDIT: for the record, I hate pc and barely ever have trained there in the past and don't intend to train there now either.
  4. ya, i love cape emote, only cape i dont keep on my cape rack lol
  5. Why should the people who can't afford furys be helped when "we" the people with furys worked hard for them and are now pay for our hard work. Doesn't seem right . Welcome to the world of RSC players. Before you could afford a fury, did you wish it was cheaper? this is how i feel about most updates, i dont have a fury because imo they're over priced, but i dont think everything should be catered to lower level players just because they can't do something
  6. it serves its purpose sucessfully, however the warning thing that came up did the same thing... imo this ditch is an over reaction by jagex solution i propose: you should be able to toggle whether that message that used to come up when u got near the wilderness came up every time you got near the wilderness, or only the first time since you logged in. This way if people are scared to accidentily enter the wild they can deal with it on their own, and those of us who know what we're doing are unaffected.
  7. go to w2 tzhaar rune store and look at the amount of chaos and death in the store, and then think of how many people know about that
  8. Great job craven :) i plan to get 126 once im active again in early june... 95 pray atm =\ ive been 125 for a while too... just havnt had the time to get 126
  9. far from my max, but highest whip pic i have (this is from about 8 months ago btw)
  10. 99 attack (15.8m xp) - first 99, and once i got 99 flats ive pretty much just been on accurate mode when i fight things 99 hits (14.3m xp) - third 99, i just get this xp alot when i fight things i guess 99 strength (13.7m xp) - fourth 99, got str xp when i used dharok a while ago 99 defense (13.2m xp) - dont know how i got the extra 200k xp =\ 99 cooking (13.2m xp) - got 99 cause its a useful skill and fairly easy to get 99 in
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