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  1. Ahh, that is soo good! Every time I see one of your new signatures i'm inspired to make a great signature but everytime I do it ends up as pooh :'(. Good work.
  2. Rate from 1-10 but don't trash me too badly :(. I know there isn't much detail but my neck started to hurt because I was focused too much on the screen so I just wanted to get it done quickly :).
  3. Is he biting his finger? lol pretty freaky dude! 8.5/10 :).
  4. Looks amazing for your third!
  5. Nice sig Jeppoz! That look truley amazing! Who knew someone could make a sig that well ;-).
  6. Hmm... 1.Try to find a cure for aids. 2.Donate to the poor. 3.Give food to a starving kid/adult. 4.Get into good physical shape. Nope I couldn't think of a better thing to do either :P. Nice fading rune thingy :).
  7. lol I think seriously you are the third best pixel sigga in this forum. Not only are all your sigs funny they're unique :D. Gimme one! Make it off the top of your head :P.
  8. Yea I agree with you on a few points... Their heads don't look 'right' to me. I'm not sure if it's the size or what. But I think the scene is like get in line to get killed or w\e? Still everything is still awsome and I would still give it a 10/10 ;-)
  9. I don't really see a diffrence in number 4 and 5? Nice sigs though
  10. Actually i like the backround it's cool :).
  11. Not to sound pushy but did you get down with mine yet? :oops:
  12. 10/10 as all his sigs are...but I think it's a bit too bloody for these boards? (i guess your using on diffrent boards)
  13. RSN: Templar Outfit: Addy Weapon: Bow and arrows Activity: Ranging a dragon Background: A cave type place And Text: 70 range
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