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  1. im 16 i started playing when i was 12 a friend from a few blocks from my house away told me about it olmost nobody played the game on my school 4 years ago just a few friends of me and now olmost the whole school play's :? :wink:
  2. you can easy kill it with mage and in p2p is very easy you take an anti fire potion and it hits nothing on you :wink:
  3. L0rdmichel


    "thinks of the old days" :(
  4. lol my hardest was underground pass for sure i did in rsc and had like 28 agility the last part jeez don't talk about it :wink:
  5. take care of your egg :wink:
  6. that are some nice drops i killed 50 of them nothing yet :(
  7. voilet-red looks cool i think i wish i could make sig's like that but i can't :P and i can't buy any to beacuse it illegal :evil:
  8. i like it i give you an 7 :wink:
  9. hahah very cool 8) made me laugh
  10. i got like 28 tokens and 2 prince sets i dunno why but they just keep coming
  11. more prayers and some new things for firemaking
  12. there won't come any trade able items ever
  13. people who pay get more people who don't won't
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