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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. I'm sure noone recognizes me (look at my post count) but a lot of these names and pictures do bring back memories of my extensive TIF/Scapeboards browsing days
  3. Lol, I just wanted to see the reactions to this... can't wait to check back next month and see what the community's like when it actually happens.
  4. Has 3700 posts and 75 million experience Oh come on that's a cheap shot. You must really have something against n64jive to say that, you don't know him in person, and it's not even like 2 posts per day and 75 million xp is crazy or anything.
  5. "26king" has basically been doable since the first day PVP worlds came out... it's just gotten bigger and bigger, long overdue much?
  6. I was bored so I decided to test it earlier. Starting at 100% energy with 0 kg it took about 1 minute and 42 seconds of non stop running for my energy to go to 0%, same deal with -36 kg.
  7. I have 99 agility, so how did I never even know 0 was the same as - kg... Oh well, it's still pretty handy. For example if you're wearing no weight reducing gear when mining mith, a rune pickaxe and 27 mith ores = 51 kg, whereas with the -36kg, it's only 14 kg.
  8. Men's version is okay looking, I guess they changed the penance gloves to gray to match the top/bottom more. Felt like going for a run after getting the top and bottom... energy goes down verrry slowwly :thumbup:
  9. April 2002, I was in 4th grade and a friend of mine (who i've played pretty consistently on/off with over the past 7 years and still to this day sorta) was drawing a picture when we were hanging out in the art room after getting back from a field trip, I asked him what it was (it was runescape related) and he told me about the website and what not.
  10. Cool update... but after I got my agile legs and logged out to take a break before going for the top, I saw my agility rank was 666 :ohnoes:
  11. I understand... Infernal Mages are pretty strong for their level, one time I was killing them for slayer, and browsing the internet/forums while doing so. All of a sudden when I turn back to the RS screen, I somehow got lowered to 8 hp, and boom, it hit an 8 before I could react. It was pretty funny... perhaps a bit careless on my part, but I swear that mage must have taken at least 30-40 hp from me. I was wearing dhide and everything too.
  12. MoeSzyslak

    Noob or Nerd?

    That's what I say too, it's the general formula. Generally im nice to people on runescape, but there's just a large amount of punks out there who decide to trash you either cuz they're bitter or for no reason. Then they start an argument with you which could go on forever, which is why you should throw em on ignore. Noone wins. Classic example of nerd/noob interchangeable arguments, This guy at clan wars says to me "99 agility? wow youre a nerd. I burned you." Sure kid... sure. Meanwhile his friend is trying to diss me because I don't have barrows gloves, and he says my other 99's are fletching and cooking... so i'm a noob? But wait I have 99 agility so I must be a nerd? Never have I come across so many idiots in the old days playing... but a lot less people played so there you go.
  13. I agree. Except the other day a revenant (knight maybe? i didn't evensee) hit me for a 30 2 times and a 29 once... maybe I was just caught off guard. Nonetheless I just ate up, ran, and logged.
  14. Me and a friend just came back from a field trip in early April, 2002, and he was drawing something. I asked what it was, he said Runescape, told me about it, and I joined that day. I've taken about 2 seperate year long hiatuses and he's went through plenty of accounts and what not but we still play to this day.
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