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  1. Ooops my bad:$ Why would Jagex put the minotaurs down there??
  2. I decided to use some of my blue charms to get to level 68 summoning. But I can't make mithril minotaurs. I have all the ingredients but the pouch is not listed on the obelisk screen. Any help?
  3. I don't fully understand this matter, because I quit one year ago before the grand exchange came into play. Are the prices for partyhats on the grand exchange to high? So no one buys them?
  4. Runescape has greatly improved my english, Runescape has also taught me: friends and social life first, videogames on second. Spent way to much time on runescape in the first years, but now I'm not addicted anymore and I've got a nice girlfriend :
  5. I don't think he's the one who wrote that song, more likely, he copied it from an old topic. I remember some lines aswell, from a few years ago
  6. I'm 99 hunter and from 98 till 99 I catched them at a rate of 300-350 an hour. But it really depends on paying attention :D
  7. Did lost city quest, to get that cool dragon longsword :D
  8. About a week ago my account got locked (I had no idea why) , and ofcourse I appealed it. After waiting 3 long days, finally I saw the words: Accepted. Well I logged in and happily played further. Then after 2 days my account got locked again. So I sent in an appeal, exactly the same as the first one. Today after 3 days I got this: I only ever used 1 password on my account. So I only filled in one field, and that was the first one. Are they really a bunch of morons behind the computers at jagex custommer service, or was one guy to lazy to go check and see, that I only ever used one password on my account. Not to speak of, that my account got locked for nothing, and an exactly the same appeal gets accepted the first time, and denied on the second time :wall:
  9. Try 99 hunter.... \ Will be a bit slow, but when you sell that 40k red chinchompa's you've catched ,for 900 per, you will be rich :thumbsup:
  10. You only have to make 1 more.. He is at the end of the tunnel ;) You can also check the tip.it quest guide ofcourse, to be sure :
  11. uuhm I think waymottin is at the end of the dungeon on ape atoll. I believe he is the witch gnome or so :) ??
  12. Wich quest are you doing? Monkey madness or so?
  13. Well, I'm not an American, so what is a "facemuff" ??
  14. Are you sure on the black demons?? I got a task of 176 black demons and I killed them in edgeville dungeon, but I haven't got a single charm drop...
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