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  1. I actually have the exact opposite view from this. Avengers was better than IM1 and 3, which are about the same and better than 2. Weird how my opinion seems to be different than a lot of people in this topic. Years ago I pretty much liked everything the average person liked and disliked what most people disliked. Not sure if the demographics here changed or if I changed. It's interesting...
  2. I don't care for time travel either, but Looper was really good.
  3. Yep. I hardly make posts anymore, and only check a few of them.
  4. Yeah that's definitely The Evening Star
  5. She looked very familiar, but I couldn't remember why. Checked IMDb and didn't see anything I've seen, then I saw the name. Her younger sister Kay Panabaker I know from No Ordinary Family.
  6. I've found Amy to be the hottest companion so far though Martha is pretty close. Clara will probably be there too, how they act definitely has something to do with it.
  7. After first watches, it would have been SotD no contest, but once I watched HF two or three times and started to appreciate it more I would have to agree, it's hard to choose.
  8. Really? You would put 2 above 3? 2 sucked a decent amount, 3 was almost as good as 1.
  9. One that I have not seen yet, but I have been meaning to. Now that I'm done with classes until August, I plan to watch a lot more films. It's probably the best movie I've seen. My list of favourite movies and the best movies I've seen would be pretty different, I find a lot of films really good but I don't really feel like watching them more than once or twice. The ones I want to watch over and over are generally not exactly great movies, just enjoyable. It's really difficult to get a list...
  10. Doctor Who!!! I'm actually a recent convert, first watched it a little less than a year ago. So this was my first Christmas episode I saw live. Pretty good, I was a little confused the entire time though with the Clara situation. I didn't remember he only heard her, never saw her, so I was trying to figure out the time line for her the whole episode.
  11. I haven't watched that in years. It was pretty good, PSH is awesome as well as Norton.
  12. Happy birthday! :D

  13. Twilight Zone. Kind of.
  14. While it is disappointing that it looks like it is not actually going to be a World War Z movie but instead just a zombie movie, I am not going to judge the movie based on that. This actually could be a good thing, I don't know if a movie that was trying to be like the book would work or not. It seems to me if they actually did a movie based on the book they would have to cut down the amount of people that it focused on to not confuse people too much, since there is only about 2 hours to work with. Then the individual stories would possibly even be cut as well. It could be done two different ways on TV though. First would be introducing many in the first episode, and having each episode consist of a story or two from those people, and getting the other's perspective each episode (in order for you to remember them mostly). The other way is completely independent episodes, where each episode is a story from one character, and you don't worry about the others. That hasn't really been done on a TV show before and would be interesting.
  15. Could be good, could be bad. Not expecting anything great, but hoping.
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