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  1. You have to talk to Skaldrun first, I've heard. Ah silly me. I forgot to do that >.< Thanks! I completed the first one so far, and it was fun, though food can be a bit tight. The banter between the team kinda reminded me of Dragon Age.
  2. Do the sagas have to be completed in order? I ask because I found the memory for Thok before the second one, but when I go to play the saga the Thok one isn't shown as being unlocked (and I can't find the memory piece again)
  3. You know I don't understand why they would keep the voting on the cape design open to everyone if only P2P players would get to use it. Seems a bit misleading for F2P players and unfair to P2P players if the intent was to make a P2P only cape. It would be very nice to have the cape, even stat-less, in f2p. I like knowing who else has been playing for a while.
  4. A lot of classic scams are gonna be back. Thankfully, with the big exclamation points and the wealth transfer information on the bottom of the trade window, there are a significant number of deterrents now. But some items were definitely tricky and easy to scam with. Noted mithril/rune items, and Guthan's spear/leaf bladed spear come to mind. Just a few scams I remember that may still work: -A two person scam where one person is selling an item for more than its value, and another one is buying it for even higher. Player buys it from the seller, both of the scammers log off. -Set up a legitmate trade, "accidentally" cancel, and retrade with a lower value item. People used to try this with me with trimmed armour. Ex.: At one point addy(g) bodies were 300k. I'd put up the coins, and they'd put up the platebody. I'd hit accept, and they'd "accidentally" hit cancel, and retrade. I put up the 300k again, and they put up a regular adamant platebody and hit accept. Thankfully I learned to always check the screen carefully, but I be this one got a number of people. -Noted mithril items exchanged for noted rune items. A good number of noted items, like mithril/rune picks, mithril/rune hatchets, and to a lesser extent armor, look similar. -Trust games (for the really new players) -Drop trades (same as above) Also, the wilderness is gonna be a much more dangerous place (obvious). Slayer tasks like Green dragons and distractions like treasure trails are gonna become much more difficult. On the plus side, it will be easier to give gifts to friends, share expensive pots with teammates, and of course there were some really epic drop parties!
  5. Glad to hear they made Cyclossus unstealable. That was my only real complaint with the update. The competition for spawns stinks, but that's to be expected. While I was hoping for +30 attack stats for the defender, I was kind of expecting +6 str, as that would prevent the DFS from being "outdated" so to say. I also personally really like the look of the defender. I was hoping for a unique hold position (similar to how the dragon dagger and dragon scimitar are held differently from their regular metal counterparts), but can't really think of a different way to hold the defender. Also like the look of the new helm, and can't wait to go back and hunt a bit more to get one for myself (and maybe a few more to sell).
  6. I became a member relatively recently myself, so here goes: Lost city, Druidic Ritual, and Wolf Whistle to start off. These get you decent dragon weaps (dragon longsword and dragon dagger, which you should get with super poison on it), and access to two skills. Doing the Fremmenik Trials, and then the quests Fremmenik Isles, will get you one of the best melee helmets as a reward. Then, doing the two Miscellenia quests will fully open up managing miscellenia for some easy money/raw material collection. Priest In Peril, Nature Spirit, and Ghosts Ahoy are great quests to give access to Morytania. Ghosts Ahoy gives the ectophial, a free one click teleport. Should get you started.
  7. I remember getting tricked into picking up a Zammorak wine (he told me it would teleport me to Lumbridge) and getting wasted by the monks there. Also, having regular buyers and sellers of different items. Still have some on my friend list who def don't play anymore. No GE for quick sells and purchases meant having to build personal business connections, or failing that, spamming in W2 Falador East bank or Varrock West bank (bonus points for using colors and text effects). Or when santas were like under 5 mil (and I was too lazy to get that much cash T.T)
  8. Odd, I did it with a dragon scimitar and it worked. Just make sure you wait for the (giant) rat to disappear completely before switching styles.
  9. I just got into hunting a couple days ago, and now I'm level 55 hunting. I'm currently at Orange Salamanders (in the desert), but I was wondering if I should go back to Falconry, move onto Chincompas, or stay at Orange Salamanders for a while longer. After that next phase, whats the next spot I should go to? I've read that Red Salamanders at 59 is good, and then Red Chincompas at 63, but some of those guides may be outdated, and I believe Red Chincompas are currently infested with bots, so training isn't so viable. Also, I heard that once you lay a trap (such as a bird snare or net trap) stepping a few squares away increases the chances for success. Is this true? And on a related note, how helpful is smoking your traps with a torch? Worth it or waste of time/clicks? Any help appreciated!
  10. On further usage, it doesn't seem like there is a critical hit like for the reward item (at least, I didn't seem to notice a second small hit). Its great with a catalytic staff (all you have to do is make the fires and you're good to go) or a fire staff.
  11. Something cool for f2p mage dungeoneerers, they added the magical blast/bolt box item as an dungeon item. I got mine from a level 6 magician (first one I killed after the update, so I don't know how rare a drop it is). Its worn in the shield slot like the reward item, but if bound it counts as ammo, so you can bind 125 casts rather than just 125 deaths. You can charge it with more, but it caries enough for 125 casts from floor to floor.
  12. I'm OK with this. :rolleyes: Makes the quest more worthwhile for newbies. :P It also gives unlimited airs.
  13. On the low level improvements: The slings are pretty fast, and at the strength of about bronze arrows they aren't bad training options for new players. No ammo to collect is always nice. Kayle's Sling is a bit stronger, but no difference in speed was noticable in my minimal unscientific testing. They also improved Caitlin's Staff (from the blood pact). Its +11 magic attack (better than +10 with the other elemental staves) and has +0.1 str higher (odd) in exchange for having one less defense in slash and magic defense. More notably, it now provides unlimited air runes (making it essentially a free and recoverable air staff).
  14. China? Irregardless of whether or not countries are democratic or not, people do have a right to complain about the quality of events. It is JaGEx's game, but as players we too are a party of the game: customers. Consider if we go to a restaurant, and we get a free dessert with our meal, perhaps an ice cream sundae. If someone uses half melted ice cream and sloppily adds a drop of fudge topping, and the overall presentation of the dessert is bad, we still have a right to complain about quality as we are customers of JaGEx. All players, f2p or p2p, are customers; members pay JaGEx directly, and f2p looks at the flashing ads. And we get what we pay for; members pay more money and get more content, while f2p deals with the few adverts and thus gets the basic content free. Now, because we are customers, we have the right to complain about the service we are offered. People argue that the holiday events are just bonuses JaGEx does, and that they don't have to do it. However, if an update was used for this event, people have the right to expect a certain caliber of work, and if they feel JaGEx did not do a good job, then they have every right to complain; the game is their service, and as their customers we have the right to complain about the service provided. My personal opinion was that in the massive number of updates they were creating they "rushed" the Xmas event. Compared to the standard they set last year with Diangos workshop and the Varrock Xmas tree, the event was below average. The hat was ok, but the emote is trash; I can barely tell what my character is doing. The only good part is the sparkling effect. The "glowing" effect on the nose is barely noticable, which it doesn't have to be; the glow could have been made larger and maybe a brighter color. Also, the snow effect could have been done with smaller particles spaced out mroe so that it would look decent in both high and low quality. Additionally, the event could have been more involved. Edit: Fixed a mistake where instead of saying "high and low quality" i said "f2p and p2p" :oops:
  15. Nope, and you can't attack NPC's with them either; it automatically unequips them first. Its mainly for show, like a Scythe. I also have a Gumblin Shard or whatever is called in my bank, but thats just there, nothing special about it.
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