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  1. All of you know, or can imagine, how terrible it is to get hacked by stupid keyloggers or something. Yesterday I logged in, and my eye pointed at: "You logged earlier this day in from xxx.xxx.xxx" (xxx.xxx.xxx means your IP :wink: ) This gets me on the following idea. Add an option in youre secure menu, so you can configure the option: Only login with the IP your now using. Whats the effect of this option? People who have adsl/cable, and use this option, can only login from there normal homecomputer (or the pc use normally using). Hackers who even have youre password, cannot login now, until you turn this option off. And when you go to youre grandma to play runescape on her pc, you login to runescape, and put this option off, so you can login on her pc. Xtra addition: allow more IP's. For example, add the IP from your grandma, so you dont have to put the option off that so everybody can login. Its simple, and its effective. I know, there are people who have variable IP's... To bad for them, but they simply cannot use this option... Any suggestions? (no flaming plz)
  2. Wow! Excellent idea! Great job, seriously! (nice writing, too :D ) As other people already said, its a good, serious idea, not something like a new purple dragon with 500 hp and combatlvl 634 or so. I like also that its f2p, and that its not difficult, and the reward is not high. Good balance. But a small note: If Jagex would release it, all f2p'er would do this quest immediately. But there are also lots lvl 50+... Are those quests not too easy for them? Oke, they need to do this, because everybody want the option tho shout. Would it not be nicer if the lvls of all the warriors, mencery's, highwayman's etc higher if you have a higher combatlvl? I think if youre lvl 80+, you could kill all menceries and bandits alone, and that would not be that fun... Example: if youre lvl 60, I think that lvl 40 for the bandits and soldiers make it more fun. And if youre lvl 80, make the lvls of the bandits and soldiers lvl 60...
  3. The idea is pretty cool. I dont think jagex would realise them, but I hope so. But what if you buy an orb, and you change in an bear/chicken/or whatever. What can you do then exept walking around? Can other players attack you like on the normal NPC?
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