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  1. Life was easier back in early rsc times haha, I still love to reminisce about the good old times
  2. Afew people are over shizzled.info but apart from that everyone has well and truly grown up ha im 30 but still check on the old sites from time to time for nostolgic reasons
  3. aha probly.. mind the days of standing west of varrock castle shouting selling soso allday got annoying aha
  4. i dont think i could look at starting again been older, we all had alot of time on our hands when we were kids and it took me forever to get to 85 mining.. would be nice to have it there to play it when im bored mind im sure ud get to see some old faces.
  5. RIP luke, another oldschooler gone... knew you for along time. btw it is true http://www.gravesendreporter.co.uk/news/dartford_motorcyclist_dies_in_lamppost_crash_1_1411787 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151833207150581&set=p.10151833207150581&type=1
  6. bumping up old topic.. 6 years on from this post and around a good 8 years since i played and i still get the feeling adx, no game has ever filled the hole and im 25 and still look now and again around the rsc scene ;) lol.
  7. i cannot believe this thread is still going, just read every single post haha, suicide sunday brings memories back of rsc, hope everyone is well.
  8. wonder if they open it again, f2p map would be nice
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