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  1. Any broken barrows are UNTRADABLE. I'm not sure about Barrows at 0, but i'm pretty sure their untradable though. Fully fixed barrows are definitly tradable.
  2. Abyss Rcing ring a bell? Must've lost 50+ pouches and 10+ glories haha. And a few rune pickaxes, seeing as I only foud out recently bronze pickaxe does the job just as well.
  3. shotgun im gandlaf!!!!! if not, I can be any other person there. I meet all requirments :D ill jus change my hairstyle or something lol. Btw, for gandalf you could also use the whit staff from white knights, and for saruman you could use a normal blakck magic staff lol.
  4. hey am sorry to see you go. Runescape has alot of great players to offer, but they all come and go sometime. We're all gonna miss you, even though I didn't know you personally. Good luck with the future, friends, film school and all that. have fun dude :D :wink:
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