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  1. I was considering joining this discussion again, but as soon as I saw 'Philosophical reductionism', I ran, no, I sprinted.
  2. In real life, Im the quiet guy that knows everything, always standing behind you and never heard. (for those who have seen Mr Deeds, people say I'm like the butler).
  3. Being able to control greed is like trying to teach a llama to write an autobiography, there is so small a chance it might as well be impossible.
  4. Standing up for what you believe in isn't always a good idea...
  5. Hitler did, that didn't turn out too good.
  6. " More and more of our imports are coming from other countries"-George Bush
  7. Omg KH2 isnt even in New Zealand yet and won't be for months, guess i'll continue just listening to reviews and thoughts about it untill then :(
  8. I can never like non-rpg games, beat them to fast :? Kingdom hearts would probaly be my favourite game, its just fun. (When the heck is KH2 gonna come to New Zealand?)
  9. I can now see why you were instantly ignorant to my posts now Merciful, and I would be too with the kind of people that you have to deal with that come onto this thread and say things like: "Im a christian, but I don't know if Jesus was real or not" or evolution wannabies not knowing the first thing about evolution but beliveing in it. People need to be 100% sure in what they believe in, learn everything about what they believe in, and accept any consequenses that may come from that(E.g don't believe in God, go to hell if real. Believe in God all life to find out he isn't real etc). Evolutionists and believers both do not like people who sit on the fence, or go for both sides. Pick a side, and go to it.
  10. Well i woke fine today on the 7th, still all you Americans are in the 6th, seems weird when I look at the timeline, they're living in yesterday :?
  11. 1: Control time 2: Invisability 3: Teleportation
  12. Every one seems to know me and i only know about 50 out of 1700 people at my school, and they all seem to think I'm friends with them. I've only hated 2 people in my life, so I'd say I don't mind anyone at my school.
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