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  1. can you enter melzars maze after finishing dragon slayer quest?
  2. hey, i just came back from 1-2 years break and i wondered if there is a tipit cc that people use?feeling kinda lonely
  3. I'm darkduellord, an allience would be nice =]
  4. whats the cheapest way for 99 herblore? [and i dont want to clean herbs for 13mil xp]
  5. I bet the first one to 99 cooking was also a woman [just kidding ^^] But yeah i believe there ARE girl's on runescape, thats what I believe.
  6. People like you are why [cabbage] is impossible to buy for a reasonable price right after an update. :evil: It's called being smart perhaps? Quite obvious that berserker rings will go up in price due to the imbued update. So you have no right to say that. whats going on with berserkers?
  7. Who said Zamorak was ever human? various rs history articles???
  8. But Enakhra has no intentions of reproducing- ergo, the species will die out due to the rituals. Yes she does, she just wants Zamorak... :lol: Remember that he was a Mahjarrat once.[/hide] They would have to *sexually abuse* her then... darn this is not the innocent RS we once knew :o Ahh, the images! err,,, zamorak was human AND a mahjarrat??
  9. False, with good strategie you can stil obliterate them. i average about 20 kills per game and 1-4 killed, sometimes better sometimes worse of course. Just use your specials and squads in the right way and timing and you will defeat a team of 10 with 5 squads without losing a single unit. And sometimes you just dont make it >.<
  10. Actually it is supposed to drain "junk" out of the economy. Junk being the technical term that Jagex uses in game. :o It's fine but I wish there were a little more strategy to it. The game is like every thing else in RS. Four people start out, three team on one, then two on one, then a one vs one fight. In that case you havent put your mind enough into it, I win 90% of my games with about 20+ kills every game and one time 21 kills with al 10 units+specials remaining.
  11. just went 21 -> 23 so i dont think your threory works [i won the game]
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