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  1. In case you hadn't noticed, the moderating on these boards is a bit overly intrusive and sometimes illogical. Yeah, I'll post this on the RSOF. At least mods know what they're doing there.
  2. How does this go in questionaires? This is a discussion topic.
  3. After you get holiday/ random event costumes. , how often do you use your costumes still? Me? I use mine all the time. In fact, when I'm not fighting monsters or something I'm always in some sort of costume. Either that or the ghostly robes. I think they're cool to show off, and they were meant to be used when you have a chance to. Right now I've been taking a slight liking to the Chicken Costume while woodcutting. I always wear my ghostly robes. I mix it up and switch to Lederhosen, mime, zombie, warlock stuff, camo, etc.
  4. So we all agree Jagex should give me both shields to "test" :lol: I just think elysian can be used monster hunting, where as divine is pretty much limited. Yep. You can't do much with Divine unless your in PVP or something. Whats the point of draining your prayer while fighting a monster if you need it/ you'll run out of prayer pots a lot quicker. Just my opinion, but Elysian seems a lot more worth it, despite Divine being 500m+
  5. Let's cry about something being 3 days old. "HEY! THAT UPDATE WAS MADE 10 MINUTES AGO. TOO OLD TO TALK ABOUT"
  6. Ouch. :wall: I can't think of any right now.
  7. There was a guy in Shilo Village mine, so me and him agreed to split sides, and the middle rock was fair game.
  8. Did Jagex ever IP ban anyone? Is it possible they can? Like Durial after world 111 glitch? Or the guy who duped the party hats? I think that Durial was IP banned. The only people who should be IP banned are the true hackers and anyone who bots.
  9. You know, playing the game the way it was meant to be played works too. #-o
  10. No, back in the days they were 100gp. Your days weren't as good as mine.
  11. These are the ones I HATE with all of my human being: Underground Pass. There are some unbelievable fail rates for those traps inside. Monkey Madness: Saw this one coming, but seriously, wtf? MEP2: No questions needed. Desert Treasure wasn't that bad, maybe fighting some of the guys (Whatever their names are.) and finally, RATCATCHERS. Dumbest quest ever made. No point in doing it, no point of having it. Personally Jagex, Runescape is great, but you should be ashamed for making such a STUPID quest.
  12. all time- N0valyfe or The Old Nite 5 years ago- Bluerosex13 (or..14?) 1 year - Nobody acceptable now- Nobody Acceptable Face it, famous people now just aren't the same.
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