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  1. tnx for the response folks. i cant believe prayer is the fastest skill to level now :evil: :evil: some peeps just have to stop kissing jagex [wagon]. if you kiss it too much, party hats might come out of it instead of poop. :mrgreen: :D see you all in a year again folks.. i hope that duke something is still scamming phats so my phats will go up in price rofl.
  2. err how did this happen lol. prayer made easy?
  3. i dont really care how much money u guys make in an hour, a day, a week or in a month.
  4. rs3 would be good. fix the existing skills, remove the caps, fix pking, fix the graphics etc etc. but i think jagex is more concerned in making a german or spanish speaking runescape i think. si, no mas, que pasa, ich bein, sig heil or whatever rofl.
  5. i started playing this game with 6 friends and my brother. among my 6 friends, we have a 99 crafter, fletcher, cook, fish, smither, farming and high runecrafting. i buy whatever i need other than what my friends cant make. like this quest(splitbark armor quest) that needed high firemaking, all i needed to do was to buy some wood and there you go i finished quest rofl. we got our phats, masks santas, drag equipment whips. i dont even remember the last time my phat saw rs sunlight lol. i must have taken it out 3 times since rs2 started. if a quest requires high mining in jagex standards then ill just go get it. jagex called 3500 farming xp in the latest quest as a generous amount of farming xp lmao.
  6. holy crap rofl. 684mil for level 139. 52mil xp cap would be good. it wouldnt be that hard i think. it would take me a year for one skill to get from 13mil xp. but if its prayer, then maybe 3 years. hahaha
  7. 999 in a skill is something i never thought about. maybe 100 is a step towards the right direction. somebody getting 999 in a skill is something we wont see happening. maybe for me coz i think id be dead by then. maybe u will see it.
  8. it has been 5 years since rs started and ive been playing for 3 years now. i have gotten all the 99 stats in the skills i wanted and in other skills just enough to do the required quest or make the top item. I WAS JUST WONDERING IF THE 99 STAT WILL GO ANY HIGHER? its quite boring now with no objective to do. im back to doing blue drag killing again after a 8-10 month hiatus due to whip drops. thats what i did when i played rs1 and now after 3 years im back doing blue drag killing again. runescape doesnt seem to be dieing anytime soon. most of the old timers have gotten the 99 stats they wanted and some new players have gotten their 99 stats quickly. some people even have 200mil xp in one skill. getting 13mil plus xp in a stat is relatively easy now. probably in a month or so there will be 2 or 3 people with a 99 stat in all skills. so im hoping for the day that i will see on upcoming updates on the main page of rs that jagex will increase the maximum limit of a skill. to the noobs out there, no id rather not get 99 in all skills. id rather not do any other skill other than what i like to do bec basically firemaking, woodcutting and farming stinks. id rather not get a life bec i like mine and yours stinks. ive read enough topics of the past so no posts like that here pls. probably if rs1 pking is the same as rs2 pking, then i wouldnt have posted. and yes the quote in my sig is true. the so called respected member of tip it community wrote that, sent it through pm, denied it then quit rs. comes back once in awhile in this forum to deny it from time to time. so comments pls and FLAME ON.
  9. bolkoy is at the gnome maze and not gnome village. he is the general shop owner. use the spirit tree to get there otherwise run/walk through the maze. he gives you a challenge scroll, asks how many flowers are under the platform. the answer is 13
  10. this anagram reveals who to speak to next BY LOOK any ideas?
  11. why dont di and ds fight again on their noobs? di might even win that one
  12. the cutlasses is better than the whip :roll:
  13. give me back the robin hat and range boots that i lent you
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