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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthda :D

  3. Hi there! My Runescape username is Kimmy23 and I'm a member who has been playing Runescape on/off for about 9 years. Lately, when I play, I've feel kind of disconnected from the Runescape community, so I decided to give a clan/group a shot. I'm not looking for a clan where I'm required to be super involved and I'm not very interested (or experienced) in PvP and warring and whatnot. I mostly skill, but I enjoy combat from time to time. I wouldn't mind going boss hunting from time to time. But, what I'd really like is a friendly, semi-mature, group of people to talk to while I play. I'd also like a group that understands that I'm a college student and my life can get very busy at times. Also, I've never really been part of a clan, so bear with me. I'm not sure if a clan like this exists out there. But, I'm willing to consider anything as long as the members are friendly and mature and welcoming. Thanks, Kim Oh, and my stats should be displayed below.
  4. Nobody has mentioned the Catherby bank. Great for fishing, farming, and herblore. Also, a quick walk away from Seers. Plus, you can kill unicorns there when you're bored.... although, I always feel bad killing unicorns.... :uhh:
  5. Hey, thanks for the guide. I never really liked rock crabs until you showed me this method :D
  6. The quest items that can be used for future quests, usually can be obtained from the original person you got them from.
  7. I need a decent training spot for my stats: 61 Attack 70 Strength 56 Defense 64 HP 43 Prayer I'm training Attack to level 70 first, then I'm training defense to level 60. Oh, and I'm p2p. Thanks a lot guys =]
  8. Oh gosh, thank you =] That worked fine. I guess I didnt realize that you could actually see the bent railings.
  9. Alright, I may be missing something obvious, or I may just be an idiot altogether, but could someone help me out? I just started the Dwarf Cannon quest. Captain Lawgof just gave me the railings and the hammer to repair the fence, but when I go to inspect the railing....nothing happens. I tried using the railings on the fence, nothing happened. I tried using the hammer on the fence, and it says "That's better, the goblins won't get past this piece of fencing now," but, all 6 railings are still in the inventory. Nothing Happens. I'm very confused as to why I can't repair the fence. Is tis a glitch or am I just missing something?
  10. I'd go to the one in Edgeville dungeon. Vannaka is his name, I think. He's pretty awesome. He can hold a 2H and a shield! :D
  11. I just think it's completely awesome that someone on the Jagex team has recognized that already existing "themed" worlds. =D
  12. All I can say :XD: Oh crud, I must of missed that :XD:....sorry guys. You can close this >.>
  13. So, a lot of people have been complaining about these options which weren't available in the past. I just read a rant which may have linked these options to the increased population of immature players (aka: noobs). I have a solution! Although, I'm not sure talking to you guys about it would help, but it's an idea. I'm not sure if someone has said this before or not, but I've been thinking: What if you could use these options after a certain level. Like lets say: 1-20 (Cook 1) 21-40 (Cook 5) 41-60 (Cook 10) 61-80 (Cook X) 81-99 (Cook All) It could add a bit more challenge to the game, and it would be something else to work for. Of course, for smelting, it may need edited and such. What do you guys think?
  14. You know, I've never minded the quests where you have to gather millions of things and travel half way across the world...but one quest that I remember as purely annoying was "Sheep Herder". It was my first members quest...and it seemed like getting all those sheep into that barn, after them running away thousands of times, was one of the most torturous moments of my runescape life.
  15. My brother (now known as Sir Bret 2) has been my best RS friend since the day we both started in RSC...longer ago than I can remember :D Back in the day, we managed to survive being confused noobs....merchanting silk, and selling 12 bronze bars at a time. (Wow, that seems hilarious) Our bank accounts have been hacked and wiped out by the same person. It seemed like the end of the world, then. But, I'm sure all we had was Mith Armor and less than 100k GP. He got his first account (Sir Bret) stolen, and forgot his recovery questions. I was there and donated money. We've made countless noob PKers together, with matching bogus names. Our bank accounts are virtually connected. When he quits and gives all his stuff away, I know he'll come back. I then lend him all the money he needs to get started again xD We do countless quests together, sometimes putting our computers in the same room...because we're too lazy to yell to our bedrooms next door. I pay for his membership, because I have a job! ;] Yeah...he's a great friend in runescape and real life
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