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  1. Wah! There was another one! What happened to the older one? It was animated ;o
  2. What is the link to the .gif that the moderators insert into someones signature to replace an oversized signature? Sorry if this is in wrong forum. I had a link to the .gif before but I reformatted my computer ;_;
  3. Hello guys, haven't been here for about a year xD I think one of the expert coders/programmers here posted a tutorial on how to make a rotating sig (signature changes every time you press refresh) using I think JavaScript and a bunch of signatures. I can't remember if he ever posted it, or if it was in IRC, MSN or something but I would like to know how to do this... Thanks in advance :)
  4. Sh!t happens dude. But hey, thats life.. and it's not fair at all.
  5. Thats the one I agree most with. If it was p2p, you'd be wasting your money building the character just to lose it all, and this would be so much fun. Kinda like a RO/Mu rebirth option :)
  6. Hm, go back to school and learn how to disable the Caps Lock button before you even consider posting.
  7. Triplets_KGB


    Well, Matthius obviously made sense in that last post of his poopingman, so I suggest you be quiet and slink away with your tail between your legs to avoid further embarassment. Just one thing though. Why the name 'poopingman' ? It doesn't exactly show a sense of maturity or sensibility.
  8. If my computer can accomodate AGP,PCI,AGP Extreme? Because I just recently bought Guild Wars and my graphics card is lower than the minimum, but I thought it would be okay...it crashed a few times while playing, giving me that dreaded BSoD...think maybe I should update the graphics drivers, but how? :P
  9. Do you hi alch them yourself or sell them? And if u hi alch them, do u make ur own nats or buy them?
  10. All of the following are from FG's 6 Crystal Halfs, 17 Rune Scimitars, 25k Fire Runes, 800 Rune Arrows, and 38 ranging levels :wink:
  11. The current one is alright, but there should be a 'Comment" form somewhere on the report screen.
  12. It will, if they replace the 'ride on' with a 'teleport' :P
  13. Yeah, thats true. Guess more people just aren't that well educated nowadays.
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