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  1. First off, i have tried this goal many times before, done some xp then gave up. But now i'm racing around 3-4 people to it, and since i last tried ( 4-5 months ago + ) I've gained alot of willpower , so i'm hoping to do it this time! About me: I'm 14, I live in England, My name is Sean, and my hobbies are motorcross, motorcycle mechanic kind of stuff, and RUNESCAPE!!!!!!!!! :-k Goal signature If anyone can give me a nice layout form it would be greatly appreciated. -I'll put your name saying its your layout, and you gave me permission. Also comments would be [email protected] Wish me luck.
  2. Yes i've had alot of blogs, but this one i REALLY want to stick at, and with all you guys, i'm sure i will. 90% Sure anyway :o [/align] A little about Me: Hi, I'm Roller930, Rl name is Sean, i'm 13. I've had quite a few accounts over the time i've been playing. My main goal is 85 slayer, and training str, mostly, in the progress. Stat Pic Acheivements Really old Acheivement: New ones: Level List: 76 Slayer - 13th Feburary 93 Strength - 14th Feburary 91Hp 111 Combat - 14th Feburary 77 Slayer - 15th Feburary 91 Attack - 15th Feburary Slayer Levels KEY: (RED = DONE) - (GREEN = NOT DONE) 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85[/color] Slayer tasks List and Drop List 1. Bronze drags 2. Hellhounds 3. Lesser Demons 4. Aberrant Spectars 5. Basalisks 6. Infernal Mages 7. Elves 8. Gargoyles 9. Blue Dragons 10. Gargoyles 11. Kurasks 12. Fire Giants 13. Bloodvelds 14. Jellies 15. Gargoyles 16. Bronze Dragons 17. Dagonoths 18. Gargoyles 19. Kurasks , Burthorped for Cave Slime 20. Iron Drags 21. Elves 22. Kalphites 23. Bronze Dragons 24. Elves 25. Aberrant Specters 26. Iron Dragons, Burthorped for Dwarves 27. Iron Dragons, Burthorped for Crawling Hands 28. Trolls 29. Steel Dragons, Burthorped for Skeletons 30. Trolls 31. Gargoyles 32. Iron Dragons, Burthorped for Ghosts 33. Kurask, Burthorped for Monkeys 35. Iron Dragons 36. Rockslugs, Burthorped for 15 Skeletons 37. Elves 38. Skeletal Wyverns 39. Pyrefiends 40. Kuraks, Burthorped for Goblins 41. Trolls 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50.
  3. like others said, if only everyone could be like that
  4. a friend of mine got barrow gaunts at 71 combat. so he could prolly get all at like 80 comb max
  5. did this dude, happen to be random at all? :P i gave out lots of mystic items, fremmy helms , drag weps, some rune stuff, some glories, arrows, runes, stuff i've pked which i didnt really use much any more when i quit for like a day lol.
  6. Day 3: aiming to make it 500 hides and bones, maybe 550 or even 600 if i stay at it today so thats like 200-250 to get, wish me luck.
  7. hia :P didnt get many done today, 8pm now, might get more done l8r but im not sure. brought 12 blue hides from general store for like 12gp each. cdidnt really check since i just brought em asap lol.
  8. messed up with safe spot a few times at blues. dont wanna risk it, if you dont beleive i have it, come meet me in game..
  9. as you're range/mage based , you might, probally not level combat from the 30 att and str from waterfall quest. but not sure, nice test lol :D
  10. Day 1: Remembered the pking i done last night, and then thought of this goal. Brought 11k iron arrows, and went off to heroes guild to range. killed around 26 at heroes, and then went to watch tower, friend showed me some safe spots, and then i carried on ranging. Dam these things have high defence i said to myself lol. Buryied two bones dam it! Oh well. End of day 1: D bones: 233 Hides: 236 Was a fun day, done a bit of pking at the end of it, and then made a clan with a good mate, so expect to see me advertising it soon :D Day 2: End of day 2: D bones:318 Hides: 322 + brought 12 from shop = 334. Day 3: End of day 3: D bones: 47 Hides: 31 Sold 400 hides and bones, 1,8m in two trades, one trade for bones, one for hides.
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