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  1. bump the pic is working again
  2. Here is me as an egg underwater: Cool, eh? If anyone has a picture as a rabbit, tell me and I'll post it (I'm to lazy to teleport :) )
  3. Miniclip ruined the game... same thing happens to me ALL THE TIME
  4. ya know, this is what i did the very 1st time i went to ardy thanks, but this is relli old.
  5. dont worry, many people have said they had reported me, and i was even banned for PASSWORD SCAMMING (i have no clue how the heck that happened) but i ban appealed and was able to get my account back. this is my only account too, and i put a lot of effort into making it what it is now. im still fearful ill get banned, but remember one thing: you cant be banned for something you didnt do. the people that wer banned for "Nothing" probably did something bad before and karma played a role. youll be fine, trust me.
  6. I think that last part was pretty useful As i have always said, "anything can be done with prayer and prayer pots"
  7. If i keep kitting zeros, i click again until i hit something also, i always cut trees that at least one other person is cutting (magics and yews). it seems to cut faster if there is someone else there lol.
  8. the words nuts and crud are not allowed. The strange part is, there are monkey nuts also when you talk to your cat, you call him 'puss', but thats not allowed either...
  9. draynor cabbages cant be picked anymore anyone who has some left can either make millions or feel special lol.
  10. Omg what are you, three years old? Is shut up still a curse to you?
  11. Uh oh I hope im not banned for my name Im scared...
  12. i got a mime training on hobgoblins in the edgy dungion But thruout the mime event, i was attacked by a crazy hobgoblin! :shock:
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