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  1. Nice pking, nice stats, very nice bank, unbelieveable luck with the whip. to sum it up, nice work :)
  2. runescape is coded in english. jadex is an english company. i agree the censor sucks, but jadex have not commited a crime against humanity by censoring some spanish words and giving you a black mark for saying them, and your human rights have not been breached. Although i do think jadex should implement some foreign speaking servers, they are under no moral or legal pressure to.
  3. bubsa, you are aninspiration. you inspired me to do something. but i dont know what that is yet. but im sure of an element of inspiration. somewhere. *sacrifices first-born* ALL HAIL
  4. page two makes me a sad panda. i still absolutely love these, might try writing my own rs song. watch this space! :P as promised, here we are. ultimate clan war (in the ultimate wilderness) maggotleader was hopping around the wilderness like a big playground when suddenly dommark leaped from a tree and stabbed maggot in the knee maggotleader got pissed and cast ice barrage but didn't expect a strike & charge from n0valyfe, feeling on top of the world when from a fire wave, into the sea he hurled and cursed you stood there, feeling fine till mendark blew him up, like a land mine but before it could make it back to f2p dommark jumped back out of his tree and took a crystal bow out from under his feet and turned mendark into raw meat but he ran out of power,and ran away because hei the pk came to save the day this is the clan war in the ultimate wilderness di, ds, and "the" clan, all armed with dds and only one will survive, I wonder who will take the test this is the Ultimate clan war in the ultimate wilderness maggot took a chunk out of dommark and threw it so far you couldnt see the mark and then n0va came back, wet to the bone but zezima threw him all the way home and dommark was injured, and trying to get steady when death treath took him out with a machete but suddenly something caught his leg and he tripped H A 12 D with an abbysal whip then he saw maggotleader sneaking up from behind and he reached for his bow which he just couldn't find 'cause zezima stole it and he fired but missed and maggot killed him with his own fist then he leaped to the sky karils x-bow ready but bluerose made him fall like a rock made teddy onto H A 12 D, and they both went down like montage then they both got hit by an ice barrage this is the clan war in the ultimate wilderness di, ds, and "the" clan, all armed with dds and only one will survive, I wonder who will take the test this is the Ultimate clan war in the ultimate wilderness something screamed like a ferret in pain down from the clouds fell blackbane who threw a cabbage, green and leafy into bluerose's throat, past her teethy who fell to the floor, choking out loud as dommark tryed to hide, beneath a foggy shroud but bane saw through the transparent fog and he buried dommark, like a dog then maggotleader and dommark and every pker in the park and damage inc and dark slayers i think and novalyfe emerging from the drink the wilderness guardians, without any pardons cursed you, zezima and some 'tardens keepers of forgotten honour and black knights both joined in the fight the good fight all came through the members gate, fast as anything and they stamped on blackbane till he wasnt even a ding it was the bloodiest clan war 'scapes ever seen with looters not even getting a bean and the war raged on for many years but it ended, despite many fears the last one walked off to collect his baggage there was blipo with a bloodstained cabbage this is the clan war in the ultimate wilderness di, ds, and "the" clan, all armed with dds and only one will survive, I wonder who will take the test this is the ultimate clan war... this is the Ultimate clan war... this is the Ultimate clan war... in the ultimate wilderness
  5. him: bi u legzz!1!! him: bi u legzz!!1! him: ffs *expletive* bi u *expetive* legs u *expletive* noob irl!!1!1 me: im sory, im using them, maybe you would like to purchase a pancreus instead him: giv me panacur fre plz noob :-s
  6. i learnt the majority of the worlds a complete idiot who would rather make a quick buck than save the feelings of another human being. and that when your in trouble, do something about it. some knight in shining armor isnt going to sweep you up and protect you from harm.
  7. HALT =; dont use the word ftw unless u know whut it means [-X ftw = for the win!!! "pick would for the win" ontopic: my moneys on dragon pick, if it does come out plz oh plz let it actually be better then rune [-o< i saw things ftw all the time, but i know what it means. is it really as bad a telling someone they got "pwn't irl liek teh nubz0rz lolololol!11!1!oneeleventryshift" i can just imagine the dragon shorts spec. "thrust" takes up 50% of the spec bar. a stab attack with +35% attack and strength, and it would be the most intelligent along with dragon pick. you never know, maybe the new weapon in the lost tribe sequel this month is a dragon pick :o
  8. 'zerker helm karils top (for mage defence) veracs skirt addy boots dark gloves glory obby sheild whip obby cape dd(+) in inventory attack & strength pots left over from herblore training couple of swordies (just in case) drink whatever assorted pots i brought along, pray ultimate strength and incredible reflexes, spec portals and pull out whip. ranging; archer helm karils top karils skirt addy boots dark gloves glory karils xbow or crystal bow obby cape ranging pot couple of swordies pop into a tower, pot up and shoot anything that comes near maging; ahrims hood ahrims top ahrims skirt infinity boots dark gloves glory ancient staff or guthx mace unholy book zamorak cape runes (usually ice burst or claws of guthix) couple of swordies get into a tower and mage the hell out of anything i see and dont bother with the obby maul, use your d long instead :shock: that came out longer than i thought. go me =D> (gotta love these new smileys \ )
  9. they do go away, i remeber quite clearly getting one for advertising a while back (telling someone to go to tipit for help with there clue while someone was spamming "go to -bad website-not posting- for autotalkers, autotrainers, autominers, autocutter, tut island script". guess who got two black marks? and when i checked...congratulations! there are no offences on this account" O:) (all the smileys just stopped moving :-s )
  10. i could kill a level 164 with a few lobs and a super set :-s
  11. firemaking still shows how much of an insane arsonist you are. firemaking ftw. and to the original post: omg rly? a skill costs money? wow! i suppose you have never bought anything for another skill ever eh?
  12. find digging at the digsite best for rusty swords ect, im gonna try this with 100 of each :P thanks for the inspiration
  13. >_< that means i need to find a new gift, what would i usually get someone at a wedding? can you get blenders on rs? :o
  14. okay, thanks people :) if its as rare as a part of a monster i wont bother :P (500 crawling hands, no part)
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