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  1. this month sounds awsome i can't wait to see what effect the tombstones will have on the game. :shock:
  2. Is that even possible? Let's calculate.. You can get a maximum of 1/4 of the XP you get for att/def/str/range/magic as slayer XP. Well since there are 5 of them, that seems possible. But, there is HP, you get roughly 1.3 XP for every Slayer XP you get. There is no avoiding it unless you train slayer with the Tears of guthix - but that requires Slayer to be your lowest skill. (or rings of recoil, come to think of it. and of course quests and genie lamps) lol look up zzzamorak, he's combat lvl 3 with 55 + slay now... it would take over 5 years but yea he could potentially get to 99 slay with only 3 combat... a 99 slay capewithout another 99 combat stat is very realistic.
  3. Well the least admirable would have to be cooking and followed by fletching... I do have 99 fletching on my runescape char, and i think a lot of people posting on this thread don't realize that any 99 skill takes a loooooooong time of being bored to insanity to get... In my case I had already acheived 94 fletching be4 the SKILL CAPES even came out! - i used to use flethching to make money lol so it kinda pissed me off when the skill capes came out, i got 99 fletching, and yet it hardly seemed like an accomplishment to any of the higher players now since it is so "easy" to get. Lol get a fletch cape of your own and then see how [bleep]ing boring it was... it's not easy eing bored for 2 hours straight almost every day.... I believe that all the skill capes are admirable though because they take forever to get !!! me having a fletching cape have had first hand experience with getting one, so you who made this thread, and don't even have a skill close to 99 hardly have the right to judge which is least admirable.
  4. I remember when i was fighting goblins to the west of lumby a few days after I started playing and Another player bought my bronze wc axe off me for 60gp after that I was so happy because i had never seen that much money before lol ended up buying an oak short bow with it (after wandering around and ending up in varrok) because I thought ranged was the coolest stat :
  5. My bank is very organized until it gets to the bottm where I have random stuff. Don't feel liketaking the screen shots of it though ...lol
  6. wow that's amazing a little obby dagger is just as good as a dscim with the necklace. Nice experiment =D>
  7. well I had lost 120k staking, and I couldn't get anything from pking so I decided to take a trip over to hellhounds and see if I could get a clue =\ just hiking over to the memby dungeon.. I was on ancient so it took awhile to get theer lol.. saw a ghost on the way...lol 0.o hit an 18 on a hellhound with kharil xbow ! I potted of course though : and a clue ! my first ever lvl 3 clue and I only grew 10k exp in the time it took me to get it! (I took the bones and arrows from above it so I could get a clear view of it when I took pic. then stepped back to see it again.) oh ya sorry for such small pic =\ I saved the screenies different this time, and for some reason when i try to get them bigger they're blurred so this was the clearest way to see them ...
  8. lol good ol ring of life saving the day yet again. =)
  9. highest = 85 fletch , 56,313 lowest = 30 runecrafting, 614,112
  10. people don't like farming because ...i don't know ...i like farming
  11. I'd want 99 health... that way I could get stabbed with a dragon dagger adn survive it. =)
  12. You can go to youtube and watch the videos of people fighting jad, and click on your screen where their prayer is and practice it that way.
  13. just wonder, since I have never gone past level 90's at fight caves, do you lose your items if u die in their?
  14. I'm getting 52 hunter once I get memby back so I can make the sabretooth kyatt hunter clothes.
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