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  1. Don't forget Simon Cowell's tongue lashing! :P Seriously, I hope this "hacker" gets caught. No thieving cape for you!
  2. For the paranoid ones, Ran 2 virus scans. One quick of C: and one Full. Both came back clean. Plus, if more than half of those names are banned/muted (take your pick), it's more than likely a scare tactic.
  3. Wonder how the hacker missed me? Usually my type is on the list... I googled the guy for the lulz.. One result was from RHQ. Plus, I don't buy into scare tactics. All talk and no action.
  4. Love the random update and the whip image change. Mixed about the others though.
  5. this is the 24 hour warning. Worlds for drop parties: F2P: 152 P2P: 131 Main world to see 99: 92 Time: 9PM GMT 3PM CDT 4PM EDT 2PM MDT 1PM PDT Please use http://www.timezoneconverter.com/ for your timezone if it is not listed. See you there!
  6. Lamp, unless its snaps/rans or a half key.
  7. Forum Name: RSgamer Gamename: Monstermas22 Name to use on photo: Monstermas22 Same as last year >_>
  8. Sorry I've been silent.. This post explains why! Greetings All! If you are reading this message, you are invited to my 99 Slayer Party on March 22nd-30th, or in April. (Date Pending, WILL edit with a more exact date) Video with info: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uyTkfHa7XY See you at the party! All I can say about the loot: Around 7 MILLION worth in gold as of this post.
  9. Not really seeing there's 3 things you can't hide from. Death, Noobs, and Lag.
  10. I'm clean. 0.0 black marks. Maybe it's because I'm not talking as much or I've been too busy skilling.
  11. They're stupid because they're "hackers".... Or they were dropped on their heads at birth... or fell off the stupid tree. I could go on and on. OP, you were VERY lucky... I hope this is a lesson to you.
  12. I say that when I see people saying something like: And are 3 Squares from the GE -.-
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