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  1. indy, mooch and tobby, my 3 cats.
  2. Theo_Mcsod


    yeah, the whole point of a camera is that it takes the light as it is bouncing off the object (you) and makes and image as oppossed to reflecting it. simple experiment, take some kind of text and reflect it in a mirror. its backwards. take a photo, and its the same.
  3. if only I had found this back while I was revising lol
  4. Theo_Mcsod


    the image in the mirror is the opposite of what you would see in a picture. thats why theres a difference. mirror reverses the image while a camera would just show the same.
  5. went to spain (near barcelona) then krabi in thailand, bangkok, now headed to beach outside of pattaya, (as pattaya itself is nasty and full of pervs) then will go back home to basel, then finally spend time in england. i have been on holiday since...... ooh, the 24th of may. haha!
  6. Its easy to read the creation stories and realise that most are simply a metaphor for what science is beginning to tell us. The real question you lot should be asking is where the heck did everything come from in the first place?
  7. the end of one of the recent seasons annoyed me so bad.. i mean, fishing?! ootherwise have quite liked it for some time.
  8. I've always loved mech warrior, heck, I used to make lego mech warriors when I was a munchkin.
  9. dont be hating, munchkin. being unobservant does not take any value away from my post.
  10. whats funny is what the video has caused in the general chat all over the WoW world. anyone time ANYONE says "leeeeeeeroy" everyone goes "jenkins!" whole cult thing, its great.
  11. the problem is these kinds of games turn almost everyone into addicts. unfortunate but true. on this kind of arguement nothing will convince me unless i see a time vs. expenditure graph of the two lol :P
  12. grats az, i had the same thing with french, for years i've been mediocre and now i've just completed a mother tongue literature class in french.
  13. has anyone realised what the acronym stands for? i would have thought it hard for anything without a womb to experience pre MENSTRUAL syndrom. alternatively, guys do suffer from hormonal imbalances, (yes they're human too) and general moodiness. the only difference being, not speficially at a given time or for a given reason.
  14. long time no post, have been busy with graduating and so on. anyone, was just wondering if anyone noticed my absence and also, whats everyone up to these upcoming holidays? if you're in switzerland, come to basel, cool place to be :)
  15. definetely whats in my sig. away munchkins!
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