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  1. well are people dumb or dumb.... Skillers who train the HARD stats are now going to get rewarded, fishing, woodcutting, mining. All prices on these items will rise becuase the amout of supply is going to dive but the demand should stay the same. YOU HAVE TO XMAS TO GET YOUR MONEY AND THINGS OFF FRIENDS! READ UPDATE BANDOS TEAM LEADER! People just like sooking.....
  2. so if i go on my other account is there any chance of me getting a strike or whatever for multi log ins?
  3. All Aussie servers down and i cant log into my account on a different server says im still on... hope i didnt die lol
  4. why dont jagex get a task force set up of 10-15 people who main task is to dele autors? just go thru the worlds at the main areas, flax, willow, yew.... whatever? not like they dont got the money...
  5. i think they updated home page, i was playing but logged out tryed to switch didnt work then went back to homepage wudnt load up. its working now.
  6. i wanna play with a different type of stick...
  7. well at work it seems that the managers love you when its only 1 manager and all crew on but then there is 2 or more managers they seem to be less friendly like they have to proove they can show their power over you.
  8. well i work in a fast food joint, and we use a scoop to put a ice into a bucket to transfer the ice from the ice machine to the drink machines... So if anything its the machines or the ice machine that is causing these problems, im not sure if every fast food works like this but yeah...
  9. In chuck norris style "I do not die, I am meraly resting untill something worthy of killing me comes along and does a good job, until then do not disturb"
  10. V For Vendetter i loved it, awesome story line, good fight scences, and i love the symbol of england the black and red thing.
  11. Swedan or Germany will win the SOCCER world cup
  12. what do you consider Hard Liquor
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