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  1. My Slave hasn't been on since I've paid! I've got the slave robes and bronze pick axe ready!
  2. I've got Plans for my Slave :) An hour isn't long enough tho. I can't make money and make fun of them in that short amount of space.
  3. Now to think of something to make him do for an hour.... I know! I'l make him give me all his Stuff Muhahahahahah >_> or isn't that allowd.
  4. TRy and make me a Sig that has the American flag, and then a flamming arrow goes through the middle, and the Flag gets burnt down. And then in the Background Dark Dude 98 Appears. The background would be black, after the flag has been burnt. I'l be willing to pay a bit fo that ^_^
  5. Anyone know a Free Movie Converter? I made a movie and it's 200mb >_> so anyone know a Program I can use to make it smaller?
  6. For some reason The images on Image shack Aren't working for me today, I've tried restarting and things. Anyone got any suggestions? Seeing as I can't see half the pics on the forum.
  7. You know you have been admin too long when you post topics called "You Know When You Have Been... Too Long When..."
  8. Heh, I've been ranging my greaters there aswell. Nice and peacful :D
  9. I'm training Ranged :D Just made myself 45k arrows after Finding a new Love for this skill. (I got from 40-64 in just over a week) I'm gonna need a break from it soon tho to get to 76 fishing and get sharks for trips to stronger monsters and things to range.
  10. Zombie- ALL GEMS, Key Halves And *Not Confirmed* Half Dragon Shield. Seeing as everything else in the game that drops gems, drops key halves and Half Dragon shield.
  11. And what transfers do you recon will happen? I think Rooney will be sold to someone. The title is going to go between the same 3 teams as last season. But I'm hoping united win it.
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